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Pfizer and Moderna fell big time in share prices, while Astra kept it’s stable 9ish. How?
hello please help you
Attila, AZ & Pfizer are pharmaceutical companies that makes medicines. They are not just providers of vaccines. At present, and for the foreseeable future, the AZ science is much stronger than that of Pfizer, and similar to Merck, which is another pharmaceutical company that has grown materially this year. I am long on AZ and Merck.
AZ portfolio is very diversified
An attractive PRE-IPO called SpectrumX based in England plans to launch by November and i'm very hopeful of this particular investment. Clinical trials for their Covid-19 respiratory treatment are now in phase 2 of development which will be a game changer once hospitals get their hands on it. This will not be factored into the company valuation when listed. So if the trials are successful the market value will rocket. Thats why im seriously excited about this IPO and i don't usually go near PRE IPO's.
how's it doing today
how's it doing today
19970410🌍 10000%
Most of vunerable demographic now vaccinated. Will younger people accept the jab or will potential health concerns outweigh the potential benefits. I'm short AstraZeneca
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Above 7500 to 9750 soon these weeks bullish sentiments business development infrastructure expenditures stimulus package cause its stance growth economics of scales
you are nostetadamoos
may be buy or sell the stock but be very cautious before being vaccinated : some serious cases in Europe especially with young to intermediate people
Yes Im chief nurse teacher in a very big hospital. Not specialised in vaccine but i know a little bit about heath. And im a pro vaccine. But the rule we were givenby health autorities  was : Astra not for people under 55.
Thanks for the advise.
like dada
This is moving last! US approval coming.
The cause behind the suspected vaccine side effects has been found. This is the opinion of a Norwegian expert group that examined the three healthcare employees who were admitted to hospital after being vaccinated with Astra Zeneca's vaccine. The vaccine triggered a strong immune reaction in the people. - I see no other reason than that it is the vaccine that triggers it, says the chief physician and professor Pål Andre Holme to VG. Sell off coming
I guess that puts this Professor at odds with all the others looking at the data then.   Strange they were all healthcare employees.
u shorting?
AZN will go up & up
Up today due to the £700m+ from disposal; vaccine is fine - EU politics.   Also good for those on kidney dialysis like a member of my family who can have this vaccine (& who has no ill effects). Only not for profit as long as pandemic is declared as one - but everyone likely to need annual jabs after that... great company.
buy guys world health organization is giving advice to buy astrazeneca , you guys dum enough?
Don't buyyyyyyy!!!!!
Ive had the vaccine. It was great): All mainstream drug companies suffering as hospitals taken over with covid and thus everything else delayed and postponed.  Backlog will have to be caught up...  Also AZ only free for duration of pandemic... wont always be a pandemic but will likely need annual vaccines...  Hold but forget about it for a bit.
So much good news today why it is going down oO
What a *****stock! So disappointing!
Good info about vaccine acceptancy
It looks like purchasing volume are getting interesting....
11/02 earnings before market.
how much possible drop after?
good for long term
Ruin that trash, because of that trash whole markate crashing.
Naked Brand stock 🚀
it has started to roll :)
if it goes above 7,600, Ciao
sure, but when?
sorry, I mean: yes, it woill go above, and NO, I definitely won't sell it at 7,6000. This is value stock. It should go way higher. It's only a matter of time.
 ciao, I mean its going up (breaks resistance)