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baba us sell off at the close. bad sign for next weeks/months.
baba hk sell off at the close. bad sign
make a new account Cen
CEn the bulls killer?
baba hk dead cat bounce. top analysts say time to short
thanks CEn
Every stock is going up and baba is going down. @Eoval, is this what you call a great stock?
Bought by you??
Lol. You would 100% know that it went up today if you had a short position open. But you don’t.
What are you talking about? Overall still red today lol.
baba hk falling like the waterfall
tp 68 year end
BABA did it again in hongkong!!COLLAPSED!
baba always one day up and ten days down. haha.
evergrande, one of the biggest in the world is near liquidation, as soon as we are past this mess, chinese stocks should shoot up... sentiment is not positive now
Why is baba dropping non-stop? LOL
chinese econony is collapsing, the best time to buy from now on
we need CEN to say its going down....
there hasn't been an upward bounce that lasted more than a day or two. That tells you the direction of where we are heading. Go figure that out yourself.
baba hk falling like a leaf..
...and Baba bounces once again when Cen is laughing all day long. Never fails.
Cen, are you still in your short position?
CEN says 84-94 bear and bull killing field..
Today 90
Lol what a trap. Fortunately for Cen he's just commenting not trading
baba AI uses intel. Biden says baba is good american company. Buy on dip.
CEN says .. a tiny bounce in the endless downtrend to 50 and below
top analysts say sell baba buy king tesla..
where is CEN the HEN
when will come back up 120????
l wish cuickly up 100 , so stay there no come back :)
Analysts VS Cen (Round 1): Cen won
@BAS LY, Nico Al, Eoval, Bruce Wayne, Eddy Po: ARE YOU STILL HERE?
yes it's all good
Sure why not, I took profits. So I just wait and watch.
Bulls, you get what you sowed. This is what happens when advice from seasoned traders are not heeded.
you need low rates for this to go up. wont happen for awhile. Cen: I think you lost your "customers". They stopped caring about the stock.
yes, you are right, i think I have lost them too.