Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd ADR (AHLAy)

Currency in EUR
Delayed Data
Day's Range
52 wk Range
81.30 / 81.40

AHLAy Comments

baba hk falling like a leaf..
...and Baba bounces once again when Cen is laughing all day long. Never fails.
Cen, are you still in your short position?
CEN says 84-94 bear and bull killing field..
Today 90
Lol what a trap. Fortunately for Cen he's just commenting not trading
baba AI uses intel. Biden says baba is good american company. Buy on dip.
CEN says .. a tiny bounce in the endless downtrend to 50 and below
top analysts say sell baba buy king tesla..
where is CEN the HEN
when will come back up 120????
l wish cuickly up 100 , so stay there no come back :)
Analysts VS Cen (Round 1): Cen won
@BAS LY, Nico Al, Eoval, Bruce Wayne, Eddy Po: ARE YOU STILL HERE?
yes it's all good
Sure why not, I took profits. So I just wait and watch.
Bulls, you get what you sowed. This is what happens when advice from seasoned traders are not heeded.
you need low rates for this to go up. wont happen for awhile. Cen: I think you lost your "customers". They stopped caring about the stock.
yes, you are right, i think I have lost them too.
Bulls, are you ok?
It looks like Cen is right after all.
baba hk price free fall into black hole
top analysts recommend take profit
Oh no, all hope is lost. Bracing for 50.
Alibaba and Stock Analysis
baba hk endless drop
we know it's you Cen.
that's all ? We will have to participate for the ascent.
see that tomorrow , Good night
BABA will cross 90.5$ this week, i believe
it's just a bull trap, so now you are trapped again
Bulls, have you learnt your lesson now? Next time make sure you listen to seasoned traders lol.
Baba is dropping non-stop and today is no exception. It is already red premarket. Bulls, what are your thoughts now?
Filled the July gap, runned stops, now it's pivoting.