Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (9988)

Hong Kong
Currency in HKD


Where could I read^ how many shares are in one ADR?
tp 68 year end
top analysts recommend sell
holding 61.8% FIB retracement from last earnings pop as well as tightly coiled decending / ascending channels. Will shoenits direction within next couple days
time to sell
free fall off the cliff..
Ready to go below 80
good time to buy in for financial freedom
ready to 100
regardless of baba hk price move, baba us will be falling like the waterfall..
ready to green ;)
ready to red
get up there
Taksin back to Thailand
free fall continues
rate cut concerns q3 baba growth as us hedge funds sell off
downgraded due to geopolitical crisis
sell on fact
why there is a huge price differenece $96 vs 12$
Currency. Priced in Yuan opposed to USD
hang seng future & china A50 up 1-2%, u short u die
The Hang Seng index will start moving back up. Chinese stocks traded in the NYSE will follow. BABA will go over $100 soon.
All the Chinese stocks will be crashing down to new lows within the next two weeks. Avoid all Chinese stocks for now. The US government might take action to delist some more Chinese stocks in the coming weeks.
lol did you pull this news from 🗑.
things made in china is never good
Everything's made in China
is it good time to invest how much is revenue and profit
Hong kong closing price is only $85.45HKD.