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how can one invest to counter societal crime and theft continuing to build residentially as well as in businesses? In ADT you have the answer. The set up even in a bear market is drenched in opportunity and dramatic, unrecognized, upside . Should you load the boat and stay invested in ADT? I'm betting the answer is a resounding  YES! This a is one you can average up and build a major position over the next 3-5 years. This animal IS changing its SPOTS!
Ouch 30% drop after that statement. Trading is a tough business. I tried to jumb in frc and lost that much in a day.
14-18$ is possible target price for this year?
its will go massive up wait and see
is Google not but ADT now?
Google already bought shares last year in August I think.
 Google already bought ADT share 6.63%.Apollo is the main shareholders
they said crypto is a risky investment. apparently so is the BS in the stock market.
I'm long from 9.80.. let's see some good earnings shall we? 🥳🚀🚀🍻🍻 sip sip
Safe Road Till 14.00, slow and steady
Safe Road Till 14.00, slow and steady
Great PR. gained back momentum- with demark buy signal- this can formulate a cup. Great set-up. and a great play by the CEO to express their high integration in mobile platforms and a potential deal with google and Nvda.
why this stock is dropping? any news?
Is closing a GAP, when close at 9,10 probably go to 8
 closing what gap, more like gaining back momentum to create a cup.
 now, probably
optec international is working with boeing to sanatize the airplane cabines = opti
buy it when it's cheap. Americans use ADT for home security and it's demand.
go down
I'm long sep calls and shares a Google buy out.
Is there any hope this could make a correction, any ideas? Was wrong call
What you think guys, prices will go up or down today?
Dumping soon
  10's i am thinking maybe low 11s next stop
 Great! Good luck investing! You can make a lot of money in stock markets. Just don’t panic, be patient and research and research!!  I believe you will do very well❤️ Best wishes for you!
 thanks i just entered too late :) all good and good luck to you as well. i shall return
even mentioning google investing in this company made me jump in ... glta 🚀🚀
TP $20
Well, I am betting on 27-30 tomorrow. Fundamental AnalysisMORE Fundamental Analysis PROVIDED BY S&P GLOBAL MARKET INTELLIGENCE AS OF 08/04/2020 Analysis is driven by underlying factors specific to the Industrials sector. Valuation  current = 85 Overvalued= 0 Undervalued= 100 Quality  current = 81 Low= 0 High= 100 Growth Stability  current = 9 Low= 0 High= 100 Financial Health  current = 36 Less Healthy= 0 Healthy= 100 Recognia Technical Analysis PROVIDED BY RECOGNIA AS OF 08/01/2020 Short-Term Sentiment 2 weeks to 6 weeks strong Mid-Term Sentiment 6 weeks to 9 months strong Long-Term Sentiment 9 months to 2 years strong
short sell, it was a rocket yesterday, some people wants to quit
 i bought at 15 lol should i wait
probably I would keep it for a long term. If there will be a big movements at the opening, jump will be huge and you can lose more than you have the set limit so maybe wait for first positive action if you want to sell and sell it. Google inves for a long time. If we see how the market looks eg it can be just a start for the stock price.on the other hand ADT is a big company so we can have more stable movements from today 5-7% up/down or if new investors come up then 20-30% could be possible to achieve.good time for investing-long term.I wouldn't expect huge impact after earnings will be announced
Earnings Report Coming up!
what do you think about the stock? Good to buy?
for long term, definitely yes
30 dollar tomorrow squeeze
up 100% because google is buying a 6.8% stake?
STOP making sense, can get your shorts ready!
google already doubled their money, they should just sell their position. its like buffet, he is not a good investor, people just buy after he says he buys and pumps the price lol
 I agree. But they won't! I spend a lot of time on these forums trying to save people from themselves.
halted for the 3rd time in 10 min
92 % up