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  • The good US Data has come to be a completely misleading factor for the American economy , as Americans : consume more and borrow more - hire more and borrow more - print new money more , ie borrow more - buy more houses and borrow more........In short , whatever they do , its done with new borrowed money . The bill is coming due ....
    • Yeah that's why so much hate and personal attack coming from different perspective that, often from shorter-term traders, who are more likely conservative, will disagree with the perspective that they don't / can't accept, since they don't see what's coming further.
    • I know what it is like to be right on the bigger picture, but a bit early and cought in a manipulation like this. In the end, you will win, just like Michael Burry. You are our Michael Burry. Wish you have patience and money to get through this!💶💶💶
    • Kind of you to say this Hari . Good luck !

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