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Yawn… shall we just fast forward it to 4200 lmao
Evergrande has a fifth second chance now. But wait, there's more. Carrot in front of the donkey news.
Bulls captivated by T girls party blower prolapse mating ritual
Otis kid......enjpying some oats...before school today....LOL.
Is this where the hourly bollinger bands finally open up to the downside, or we bounce again to  globex highs?
The yield curve while few are watching is doing its behind the curtain moves.
T girl predators swooping in on Otis emotional distress
Its all over rsise cash. Airline tickets are plunging big time. Consumer is hunkering down student loans resume Nike stock tanking all the free excesses was going into “airJordans” and plane tickets.
Otis you sound desperate. Close your losing positions and take a break. Sometimes that's the best trade. Honestly I take no relish in seeing you hurt.
is it possible to blame China for the shutdown? I think so.
It's clearly Trump's fault
Blame corrupted politicos in Amerkia......LOL.
Bulls poop fart fisted
possible credit downgrade to go with the shutdown. it's a twofer two.
in all likelihood, 4200 is definitely on cards if not September but first week of October. but I wouldn't dare short below that.
lol that the LOLCOW of the forum, otis, thought i made up that word myself...he is so dmb he cant even look it up online to see what it means ...LMAOO ......GOOD OLD LOLCOW OTIS
That's 4chan terminology, which tells a lot about you.
''I have bad self-esteem, so I'll call others LOLCOW and then my 4chan incel brothers will think I'm cool'' 😂😂😂
Last night at dinner my mother asked how my allergies are treating me since I used to get terrible hay fever in the fall. I told her I fixed it with year if cocaine abuse. This trash is much the same.
*years of
Does she make your bed too?
She's not allowed in my room.
Upside challenge remains the same for SPX, downside breach a handful of times already. This would put 4280-90 in the scope trading below 4316.50. 4320-30 ES dependent on how they wanna play the premium game. These are just conservative numbers at the moment the larger picture already says 4260ish cash. Yesterday's expected speed bump at 4302 cash could have been just that. Should find out soon enough. Unfortunately I will miss the cash open but in full disclosure I am short 4 from 4382ES for a trade. No overhead stop, but a limit in at 4320 to cover 2 in case I am not at my screen
take your cash out of your bank immediately! the banks will stop giving cash out if the government shuts down because they will simply run out at least so they will say
Brrrrrr…. Oh no, we are panic
Otis. Chill out. So you've been in the wrong side of the market? Take a break and stop spamming nonsense. Seriously. There is no bull or bear side. Just the right side. You're fighting the tape.
Shut it loser you don't tell me what to do. Congratulations on making 0.7% of your YTD losses back
The day otis finally realizes that i am not taylor is the day he truly understands the market and economics. Ain't never gonna happen
Whatever you say Taylor lmfaooo
Getting down votes on this board is a badge of honor. Its full of disgruntled butt hurt and salty losers who happen to be excited right now after 1200 points of losing.
if you really believed that, you wouldn't be whining about all your downvotes all the time, lolcow
Looks like money moving from stocks to bonds today....4200 by end of the week and 10yr at 4.2?
Time to buy up all the high-quality 5-6% dividend payers that are on fire sale right now. When rates fall next year and all the wimps come rushing back, they will be 25% more expensive
Get rekt ponzi fraud. Sweet Niagara!!!
I hope so, but it won't if you are short.
4288 (which they stopped from happening yesterday because too many bears wanted to profit from that down move), then bounce. already have my btfd orders ready.
Otis bootlicking is shameful after fresh new lows. the lows are free range and organic.
Laughable coming from you who starts crying fraud the instant we go 1 point green like a hurt squirrel
Lmao, you are clueless. Total building permits are up way higher than last month 1. 2 - Permits are up 6.8% this month compared to 0.1% last month; that's a huge gain regardless. What point are you trying to make? Its not unusual for estimates to be off a little thats why they are called estimates
Who's we, Taylor, you and all your alt accounts loser lmfaoo?
LOL at your question after you were crying just a little bit ago about how many here don't like you and downvote you all that time
I never said that I merely pointed out that losers downvote positivity. Reading comprehension is not your strong suit.