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Bobbins has been calling the perfect short entry since SPX 3200, and he's been doing it literally every single day as he's lost the opportunity to make millions... LOL... LOL..
I want to hear that we'll never see 5,000 while concurrently bragging about the perfect short entry. That's how you know it's sealed.
the only people saying that are bear lures...
Burn the bears
Bobbons and jermain hard soaking in the white tears underneath the milking tables it seem
Shorts about to lose their shirts
4800 calls are the highest call strike for the week...
not high enough    ohohoh
4 days should be 45% off the table as it seems. Will move that to BIl for now.
How much do you get for being in that?
Pathetic bears are calling for more rate hikes
They are living in fairy land
AVGO ADBE very strong
The chatbotz are losing the ability to sway humans. On all social media sites. The algos have caused enough damage. It's time to unplug the chatbotz
Including yourself?
Botz don't talk about botz. They are programmed to pretend to be humans.
The great regression has begun, it seems, friends.
nobody buying bonds lmao 🤣,,, release the kraken
Market selling the highs still
Rate hike is the only solution or next year inflation will be raging
You're in a delusional dream world. In real life, inflation is about to be in the 2% range or, if not damn close.
priced beyond perfection. THe NWO cult believe they are the Biblical kings and priests to rule the nations. Just stock and currency manipulators with social engineering demographics with Marxist tactics is all it is. Nothing new under the sun.
Inflation is going to drop into the 2's and the fed rate will still be 5.5 -- does JPow see the problem there?
MAG 7 are dark RED   take care if they decide to buy these stocks....we can go up fast.....will see soon
Bobbons crying is annoying me friends
Thank God he blocked me Ive never seen a tar/ d like him anywhere
Bears and failure 'traders' only exist in life to be kicked around and robbed
We would never see 4,600 again, he said with inviolable confidence.
mangs doing bad means pumped up penny stock shell companies are holding things up.
Bears seem homeless and exuberantly fart fisted this fine Monday
Oppenheimer Asset Management predicts S&P 500 at 5200 before December 2024
Sounds conservative
biggest bull days coming tomorrow
I love inflation and recessions. They both = more $$. While human trash gets wiped out. Life is about having more than anyone. Its all competition 24/7 and if you are that loser struggling. Crying about both you never matter in life
Why not? During a recession, one can acquire more companies at a lower price.
Exactly. Wealth always takes advantage. We buy more of everything. Control more of everything. The biggest separation between broke failure and success $$ happens during risk events. Its simple. My world can buy forever wiping anyone out against us.