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Sony should really buy Square Enix and CD projecy Red.
project i mean. hehehe
change Sega to CD Project
Sony buy buy FromSoftware
Haven Studio joined PlayStation
sony buy zee
come on baby ! gogogogo!!
all in my brothers!
Sony buy Square Enix
Sony please do something
Microsoft buys Activision !
70 Billion Dollar Deal with Activision. !
Mybe No more Activision hanesine Sony PlayStation. Huge cut
Mybe No more Activision Games on playstation
17 % down by 38 days. What next?
This aged well 😕
anyone know why we're down 6% this morning?
panasonic is thinking about future development plann. join us 💯
anyone know why we are up 8% this morning ?
Why is the production of Ps5 soo limited and slow?
take to the equation the fact, that ppl in Japan for example: Then when PS4 and Xbox one came to markets, Japanese ppl bought over 98% of the wholesale of ps4 co.parrd to Xbox. The customer base is humongous. Here in Finland its already sold for months to come. I think I can get my own at next summer. Ps. The whole gaming is going mobile in a couple years. I'm waiting for the news when Sony goes to EV Markets. I mean, they have all the resources.
Why is the production of Ps5 soo limited and slow?
Waiting for big date!
whats problem? ps5 ?
They're being sold at loss
thinking about buying a share every week on until the PS5 drop .I have some already
PS5 Hype gonna be real! Buy it guys!
buyin more tomorrow.
I did a little math, if the ps5 pays 899$ (plus all the swag and games) and ppl are adjusted to be inside. I'm gonna put all my stash for this. is it possible that SONY dips back to 55... ?
yes, and allso, Japanese markets are theirs. in last consoles were of 99% of SONY ps. off course thei buy they own product. and, Japanese ppl understand the future, which is 5g+cloudservice+gaming in there, by a 5g phone.
so, sony is just a pretty sure bet. and I buy it from Tokyo, for apparent reasons.
Japanese markets are Nintendo's
gomna buy this tomorrow. and Nokia.
not even having revealed the console smh
and Elvis preasly and Les paul and Mary ford
Music is eternal. Go Bruno Mars. And Amy winehouse.