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time to buy
looks like a good entry point for tomorrow.
Anyone alife?
Bad bs press right before earnings. Really MM?
33 eod
What is wrong with this stock every time?
we going to fly now
SONO $38.14 +2.03% @ Close! ... extended sctive st $41
This is a beast in making
Sonos (SONO) May Report Negative Earnings
this could also be a setup for shorts or or a market maker trying to get the price down a little before earnings. hard to know what's the truth anymore
and no, results are better :-)
Sonos has posted fantastic results. More to go
Today, Sonos announced that Legrand will be licensing Sonos's patents for manufacturing its NUVO multi-room wireless audio products going forward
probably closing around 20. Will be a huge sell out at the end. Plus that big gap i dont really like it. I took my profits at 21 70. Good earnigns !
cashing out today would have been better.
What happened?
Can we see 24$ (؛
anybody else get in just today!?
show me the money!
Can we see 25 $ at december?
show me a double bottom 1st
expecting superb results later !!
touch to the moon
Wow, strong buy, QR might b good
Holy AH rip
Sonos could be a massive winner here soon