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It was included in the list of the best technology stocks with high growth potential picked by AI.HHH
First, SNOW will fall to $139, then, bounce a little, and then it will continue to fall... If anyone thinks SNOW is going to go higher, she/he is going to need a psychologist.
news flash…
Thanks DDOG for the free pump
snow will fall to $120.
Ill start buying under 100
keep attention on snowflake under FNGU ...
Sell .. shorted 156
Q result will be a beast. Get out quickly...
DOCN is a good cloud play targeting small to medium size businesses. More growth potential. Earnings ratio much better. SNOW is priced for the moon only.
snow will announce partnership with nvidia and azure
Bought leap call $150strike JAN2025. Paid $61. Current share price 171.50.
Not looking great
Major squeeze taking place. Will be adding leap call if we touch 165 tomorrow
Time to buy? Nice price for buy
I say they go down to 137 for bottom.
Will start position on Monday. Although bottom seemingly in. Usually 3 days of selling.
Why is it dipping this much? It's quite unusual. Cheers.
Trading idea – Entry point has to be over 142/61.80%
Who would own a company called “snowflake “? Cant make this stuff up.
you clearly wouldn't understand what they do i can also guess your politics
good report
Don’t understand the hype for company that profit margin as middleman is as crazy high as this. When will investors get thier retur? In 100 years? Or never?
what profit margin? They are losing money...
learn some basic accounting concepts before you waste people's time with postings like this? maybe?
Berkshire to own 5% more of it, great news coming, next target 163 by EOD tomorrow. cheers!
Berkshire would never buy garbage like this. No moat, no pricing power, overvalued,etc...
no they wpuld not buy it because Buffet doesnt understand tech. once he is gone...maybe.
intestsing product but I don't think it will make actual money for 10 years. I don't understand the high valuation.
when is the earnings release ?
See after hours numbers
why can't it rise? what's wrong with it?
The price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) is one of the most widely used tools by which investors and analysts determine a stock's relative valuation. The P/E ratio helps one determine whether a stock is overvalued or undervalued.
p/e -89 what does that mean? 🤣
means they're not profitable
means they're not profitable