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2030- Pltr will be trillionndollar company . Buy any dip. I am buying till $30 .
why do you think that, my friend?
I just shorted 6000 shares of PLTR. see you $12........
That's a long shot buddy. Props For the balls..
A possibility is can go up to 25 from 16.50
I bought 100 shares few days ago,when it started going down I bought to average the rate,it again fell and i bought again.Now my position is -1000..It still going down.I should not be trading this week.The guy will get money from us who is predicting military contract articles.This is the way in USA thise people make money by just writing negative about palantir.Next week they change their tone .
don't worry you had a nice entry point
You are probably going to keep losing money because you lack proper duediligence regarding market fundamentals, palantir for now is over inflated and as long as it doesn't it's sufficient money flow from investors it's destined to drop down for the time being.
All markets green but Palantir!
one of the reasons is SBC
co-founder and President, Stephen A. Cohen, sold millions in stock recently after converting B shares to A shares
Yep, USD 12MM since 1st December. But the company has strong debt-to-equity ratio and next week end there will be Fed rate decision, probably with no hike, in my opinion it does worth to wait at least until next January when Q4 earnings will be reported. Last two Q where good. What do you think?
What is going on? Why keep sinking?
It's a game!
fear. 😱
top marks for Alex Carp speaking out against all the bs
John what is your idea about this stock?
Stock dropped due to fearmongering by William Blair analyst over supposedly dwindling US contracts. With the ongoing wars, the military contract size will only increase. Everyone stay steadfast and disregard the falsehoods.
I believe this is a stock you don't look at for a couple of years and then when you do you will be very happy $$$$
do you buy a car hopping has a good condition which is 1K and 25 years old?
why do think that, can you argue it please, just to share opinions
Because they are growing business at 20% and they have been doing AI for 20 years and do it better than everyone else.
Hope bouncing up to 19.5 this afternoon
hoping comes for free
Let’s no rely on hope, but on real facts, what’s your real impression and thesis over this stock, has its run ended or there is still margin?
it look like quickly coming to 13 hardly 10. 13-16-10 maybe
continue dreaming pal
Why is dropping so fast?
that is the worst argument ever
You call that fast?  Ha!
what do you suggest?
If you're looking for a low priced AI project, this is it! This is like Nvidia before it started shooting up.
this company has nothing to do with Nvidia, sorry
I didn't say it has! I am talking about its price action!
Not even close to NVDA. Still not gain its share price since IPO and has been underperforming for a long time.
wait for end of day dip
HAHA you're all going to be surprised when it drops back to 15ish
Last chance to buy it under $20! Enjoy
This stock is a looser and it hasn't recover from its IPO valuation. A small uoward movement followed by y massive sell off. Not good and will sell 10k shares soon
if you sold move on mate because you wont be able to get it lower with your pointless fud 👍
it is 19 usd as of 26th november, fyi. never say never.
Short Nasdaq in December
it would be a disgrace if this goes down after such a huge deal!
the expectations for nvidia are too high. with a bit less than perfect, ai stock met fall tomorrow morning
there was strong resistance at 20 and 21 due to large number of put options, so this breakthrough is very impressive and opens path to 25
meant to say call options...
YES!! Destroy the bears, stomp them into the ground!
all of these AI stocks may crash tomorrow after NVIDIA earnings?
might be or might be not, one of these two possibilities
or skyrocket 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
PE of 308 . when the PE of datadog is crazy
There will eventually be a pullback.
true. and eventually the earth will be swallowed by the sun
I like they way this is going up a little at a time instead of a pop all at once.
100+ coming
You made me so erect.