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pltr is just in a massive bear flag on a point and figure chart...I'm not going there yet
it did break above 50 day moving average today 9.29.23 which is 15.78, that not so bad
Many are playing with this stock. Hope they stop playing. Just let go up steady.
hmm if markets hold this should return to 20-25 teritory by EOY?
yall screaminh ATH like sheep but who's gonna buy at this price??
Tom? You don't quit get it do you..... D.S
New aTHS coming
All time Hi soon
45$ soon? are you high or what?
$45* high guy
new DoD $250m contract
250 million is a rounding error in dod budget
whispers out of getting uk's nhs contract?
Keep buying I believe in 10 years you probably will be able to retire
sure, whatever
Or maybe die from hear attack !
looks like mid13 soon
You can change your position all you want as long as you don't even have a broker account :)
MMW: 16.00 by midday then pull back to around 15.50 by close
16 tomorrow
I need more, my calls expiring
volume is week, likely will drop, but who knows and who cares, anyway
I own a lot but if the price falls will give a opportunity to buy a lot more
sucked in bulls money and then took it lol what a joke
27.07. Nasdaq will try for 14200
Looks like it's time to buy!
++ Just for no reason :)
Because they have the best software and ceo said they can't keep up with all the new contracts
time to buy will be after it re-tests
penny stokdan voz kechadigan payt keldiyov
Buy the dip!
is a buy currently ( 15$) a good value investment. what are the keypoints that support the fact that a second rise is coming? looking out to your outlook.
Heavy fall today on light trades. Palantir has $3bn in the bank and counting… thats enough to buy 19% of the companies stock - not sure any other businesses are about that can boast that..
is a buy around 15$ goof value?
a bad day for Thiel is a good day for all.
Morgan Stanley's timing was perfect. The Nasdaq is in overbought territory
Yes, very strong support around 15 !
Take chance to buy at strong support 15 ! Will rise back. Last chance to see this price !!!
Are you sure about that?