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Lets go
this will short squeeze after earning
Buy hold with luck dividends start back soon
this stock is behaving the same way walmart was when ppl started panicking about retail going away. It has a lot of room for growth. Good long term buy and hold
buy buy buy
It looked promising pre market now its red🤦‍♀️
They are closing macys in my town
That might help the stock go up monday
$20s+ plus dividends will be Great...
Yea it would be cool 👍
Lets get back to 20s
she's ready to run!
still 28.6% short
Where do you see it? The places I look are a bit out of date
Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd. (APT), made face mask, up 16%
Why should it be $50?
this is boring compared to AMC
True. but it is also less risky. AMC is making me rich though
macy will be $50 friday
BUY! it will explode short squeeze coming
Under 13 to over 17 in two days. No news. Short interest is about a third of the float, 107 million short vs. 307 million float. Days to cover is about 4. Disclosure: Long shares from the $6-7 range.
So, buy!? 🤔 😂🤣🤣
4,000 MUTATIONS!!! SELL EVERYTHING!!!! "The reason that it was even discovered is that there was an area in Brazil where they thought they had herd immunity, so they didn't think they would have any more spikes of COVID and yet all of these were people getting sick," Georgiou said. Georgiou said it is normal for viruses to mutate but the new strains present cause for concern. "The COVID-19 virus is estimated to have about 4,000 different mutations from when it started. Most of those are nothing to worry about," Georgiou said. "But when there is a mutation or a few mutations within a new strain that change the behavior of the virus, that's when we worry."
Up over 30% in 2 days on nothing
Not really.. Look at the forecasted earnings for March!
Macy's is the next one coming
35% short interest. this thing is skyrocketing. options say that
HBOMAX (owned by AT&T) is growing like crazy, It is starting to be a real threat for Netflix.  look at the Alexa rank. More then DOUBLED in the last 3 months. AT&T earnings are tomorrow.
With no reason for going up, looks like it goes down. Short sellers dream.