Macy’s Inc (M)

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10$ next stop , short since 18$
Trading idea - Entry point has to be over 16/61.80%
This is a good longterm safety stock. The balance is healthy, debt is being actively reduced month after month. And they are in geen on profit while doing this. This is only general market sentiment driving down the stock else this is a good long term stock to hold. Still wonder how much short selling is gong on in this stock
Trading Idea - Entry Point has to be over 17.2/61.80%
Will rise to 24 and fall after .Nothing new
It will go to 24-29$ eventually. Its just a phase where money is flowing out of the stock currently as this is not considered a growth stock. So large portfolios are switching this with something else so you see a constant sell pressure on it. But fundamentally this is a healthy stock
M, I believe in u,,,
Tried to tell you
Do not sell. Wait a little and get 2-3 times more.
2-3x more loses
came back to laugh
Might gamble on earnings call if this goes low enough. They are getting beaten the frank up right now!
Um you still havent sold?
Wth today?
Target stock
Any news
i should have sold it at 35+... oh god
will go back to 35 this year
More like will hit high 20s. The ecnomic uncertainity needs to go away for 30s which is not going to happen until later next year.
This trend will continue downward
Beat earnings , beat revenue , higher forecast = down 5%. Doesnt make sense
I am holding LT till next year or so
Me too.
me too
Can't believe this bullreuter.
A period for good news ,it goes down,bad news, it goes up !Laughing.
great earnings but is down untill to fly too the sky. nonsens
the pandemic is over .. time to shop Woooooooo 🍻🍻 sip sip
this is non sense
Well it was a great company around 10:00AM but since then the company has went downhill. LOL seriously what the flying Reuters is going on here?
*Reuters is my curse word
And just like that, people sold off Macy's stock for now reason. I had calls, dumped almost all of them at the top of that morning spike
*no reason
Lets see what she's got, 8AM earnings tomorrow. Good luck ya'll
Is the call volume today a bet on earnings or a short squeeze or both ???
The earnings forecast is the highest forecasted revenue since 2018 from what it looks like. If they *******past that, this thing is gonna move. Crossing my fingers that the market doesn't tank before next week's earnings report.