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Break down of 33 bad
FCX $40.67 ... Earnings!
Does anyone know why it's going down when they beat expected results?
Guidance cut I heard plus the massive recession fraud being force fed to the market right now
market control
FCX $41.36 (Earnings)
Once a republican is speaker of the house, energy companies can thrive. Be protected from Windfall taxes too. Awesome
this insane thesis cost you 40%
Sold my calls for a nice profit. Will buy calls again if it retraces to $33-35.
what do you do with the call option if the stock goes below the price of your strike? you hold it for 2 years?
you basically treat leap options like shares. Manage risk by buying more or selling with the dynamics of the market. They fall slower than share prices and accelerate when prices go up.
... if you would only buy 100 shares, then only buy 1 contract. Buy in, or at the money.
Ayo Freeport indonesia time to go up running
Bought 2 leap calls. 1/19/2024 $30strike @7.30. Current share price 30.18.
So does that mean it needs to go to 37.30 to break even?
at date of expiration, yes. The strategy is to sell at profit beforehand, then wait for a nice pullback, buy a longer dated option and repeat. Utilize the leverage before it fades.
Bought 2 leap calls. 1/19/2024 $30strike @7.30. Current share price 30.18.
Up up and away!!!! Please short this so i can Buy a Roma!!!
at what level does this become a buy?
Bargains luv it at these prices
FCX $49.90 (Earnings. Premarket)
If it's such a copper bull market why does FCX miss earnings all the time?
maybe you two rocket scientist's should check the date of my post and the date earnings came out before shooting your mouths off?
You guys understand dates?
Listen to this fact.. for every .25 cents per lb in copper price increases, FCX generates $1 bil in increased profit
On CNBC a month ago the head of commodities trading at GOLDMAN SACHS said that copper is the new bull market of oil. He also said that copper is the most precious commodity in commodities period! He also said when it comes to decarbonization there's no such thing as decarbon7zation without copper! The world needs copper regardless what direction the global system is headed towards. So copper will have an extremely aggressive bull market for some time to come. The general direction is up. Oh by the way the head of Goldman Sachs commodities is Jeff Curry.
The only 2 elements we can not transition to a sustainable future right now without are Lithium and Copper. Everything else we can adjust chemistry and design to use or not use depending on how prices go up or down.
gold digger @ 40
Here we go 46 is right around the corner!
Gold and Copper both go down obviously, I don't know why this FCX get pump up?
Maybe time get up FCX ,is good right for you guys who has stock FCX
Well they just shorted it and made their money for black Friday in early pre-trading
This stock is just being played by big market movers
iam go come back