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djibouti not hold not to make
Bro learn english. I have no idea what you tried to say here.
Best financial stock to own. Market are trash. Buy now get 100%+ return in 5 years.
Bought another leap call today. $80 strike JAN2025. Current price 101.15. Paid 35.50.
on Market Mìracle advisors say it’s a good time to buy
Market Miracle Advisor has published a BUY indication with a first target at 155.147
Best financial company imo.
lots of rumors about credit card customers tired of dealing with capital one's constant inquiries about their incomes. customers moving to other institutions when they can.
lol... I've had a capital one card for almost three decades and they have never once asked about my income other than the initial application.
Gaps: 107.21_107.97112.66_113.41
Hoping to short at 115. They report on Jan26. BAC spoke of lower revenues/profits in consumer banking. COF is extremely consumer based. Hoping for a nice 6%+ selloff at earnings.
Shorted at 100
Closed at 69.36 on Friday 9/25
Closed at 75.79 on Friday 9/18
Closed at 71.13 on Friday 8/28
75 by September 18?
Will it hit 80 before 65?
Any thoughts?
When I be able to claim my investment?
Don't break your spirits. Come to Rtalb..Rtalb company produces covid-19 pcr test kit.It is obvious that it will be valued. good days. it is not investment advice.
I would tread lightly friends. It is triple witching month. Between now and Friday will be a selloff. My prediction is $65 on Friday.
Any guesses to the bottoming price and date of bottom on this stock?
We provide loans, do you need a loan?
Apparently not just loans but high exposure to the oil derivatives market. So much that they needed a waiver from cftc. Maybe capital one will need a loan to stay in business.
Potential of 20% ui in next 3 months.