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Best semiconductor stock in the world, even better than Nvidea
without China market... this company will soon going to bankrupt....
why 500?
450 coming
Even lower lolz
Even lower lolz
250 also
Bottomed in June, taking off now
A smell is like some good shoot to have
US, Taiwan, Korea and China are increasing chip supplies. Which translate to ASML being one of the main beneficiary.
euv wil be thé new item for 5G and roboting and fsd.All euv is already sold out tot Intel for the next 3years.
round trip to 200 IMO
round trip to US bankruptcy if that happens
stock price has nothing to do with insolvency
Fire and restore soon
Told u it will trade sideway for a long time. LOL
are you a kid seeking for validation?
Making Money is the only validation not your meaningless words, LOSER
looking cheap
You've got in all wrong It may go to 1100 til June 2022
You've got in all wrong It may go to 1100 til June 2022
650 soon coming
head to 840
in a month
Lam Research and Applied Materials are stable since april. ASML is no exception.
It will trade sideway for a long long time
challenge 800 again before Dec
not so long
Had the most stable rally ever for a while. Then freefall with 0 support 😂🤷‍♂️
-5% today?
If this can come down to the high 500s - low 600s range, it will be time to go long heavy. Might not get there unless NDX hv a few more pullbacks like today + higher long end treasury yields into Q4.
Doom finaly comes
What are you smoking