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now yes! long! next stop 620
This company is long term but I won't be around to see it. Promises, Promises!
Hiring 70.000 extra people in the coming years.
This the total of Asml and the ecosystem of suppliers around them in the coming years
SO many utter garbage calls in the history here hahaha
A whale dumped 255.000 stocks half an hour ago. Earnings in two days.
down de dreen
Well I'm not that optimistic.... But some downspace seems there.
below 500 next week
friday to go!! lets see :p
get out while u can, the drop will be huge!! SOON A BIG RED SURPRISE :) GL ALL
do you hate this company? xD
no i just trade patterns.. GL m8
hahaha what a horrible call
400 targetting
houston we have a problem, DOWN WE GO anytime now
lets see your predictions um two weeks xD
i dont think this is going down so sone
ur right i was 1 or 2 weeks off, now GL holding ur LONGS
haha so wrong commodity trader, huge beat and record bookings for ASML
Awesome quarter. Awesome company. Should be a core holding.
down we go all the way!
yes i told you
300 - 200 next
van chiptekort naar chipoverschot, zo gaat dat nou eenmaal. klassiek bubbel patroon
whats going on at ASML?  is there undisclosed news??
Target already reached!! Called at 424 targets 500-600! Whats next will shock u!!! DOWN
might go abit higher to 580 - 610 but thats it...only down coming 12 month after that
250 long term target after a good rebound the coming months, later this year big drop coming
Stack below 320, unload above 470. 7 times anual revenue is a fair price, and this should be an stable market, not like RAm or chips one ( since sales are already commited untill 2025, no surprises )
I already exit today see why need to hang on with this stock
hi there, just curious why you think so? Is it about company or the market or the sector itself? I see Asml as a key company for the sector and long on it. Just want to know your point!
Ray Dalio is a bit late, but he will still make a lot of money on the short side.
how is the asml pump family? its quiet here! down the drain all the way to 100 next year
yeah 100 is a bit far away it will come in 2023/2024
yeah, 100 will come after a 1:10 stock split in 2023/2024.. otherwise, you are just dreaming
Haha read back this comments doen here, everyone was angry at me... now they all quiete.
or this week bottom is made, and we make a new big run to 700
give me 400
last long day. then i going out and bring it all to asmi half worth in stock price and also better risk management
like the price matter... it will also go down if asml goes down
haha ASMI even -5% ASML-4% lesgoo!!! down all the way
black pistes are the coolest! lesgooo 500 cometh soon
comodity trader shut up andd look at death of the bears that will sart on 1st februareach one of this cruals person have his period but only if G... agree
how your longs going m8
death cross.... game over bulls