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the big 5 still haven't bought enough soybeans from producers at low prices, so they aren't letting the market rise...
which is the the flip of the coin? Up or Down?
Wish i knew? Inwoukd have alot more money. I went long at 1292 last night, took a loss at 1288 before the larger dip….wish i would of just held at this point but who knows
she will spike very hard.   don't give back those short profits.  These are just my opinions and I can be wrong.  GLTA
 I am not sure yet.  but ideally, I like to enter a long position at 1250 with a stop loss sometime in early to mid Oct.  Now some may say if you think it will go to 1250, why didn't you hold your shorts?  well the simple answer is I don't know if it will get there but locking in big profits is never a mistake even if it goes to 1250 without me.  I am ok with that cause I am not trying to catch ever ticks.  i am not that good.  at the moment, the market is now giving me signals yet.  if there are daily signals during fundamental shifts, I will enter even if it is not at the 1250 level.  Just my thoughts and opinions.  i can be wrong and have been before.  GL
Thanks for your reply! And I have similar plan, will post chart with buy area that it may or may not get to
CORRECTION "at the moment, the market is noT giving me signals yet"  sorry.
she may hit 1249.  I may be wrong but I will cash out at 1266 or so.
Bob, you think its going to spike up before sropping to 1250?I hate seeing my profit evaporate. Ive been holding short successfully albeit with major doses of pain :)Thank you in advance
sorry folks.  I have been catching the last of the summer sun and crabbing. had a great time.  Haven't been posting for a while.  but the tides will be turning soon.  so cash in all your shorts. you should go long on the next big leg down if there is one IMO
Closed 3 shorts from 1401 at 1295.75
good Job.  you know the assignment.  :)
why are beans always down? crops look like shat and we got little to no rain in August.
correction  complete.
Maybe but noone should follow you. Too expensive
100 ma is 1304. Thats the next magnet
Smashed right through that ma
to quote you…. Woof
Great calls Terp!
Woof is a good word of it :)
Nothing but up and up!
Wow, not a red close candle in sight. Steady push.
Sure about that?
1,700.00 till the end of this year.
Down we go. Big red incoming. Close below 1345
Was wrong
next is 1294 or so…. Maybe that 1140 area on a whim. Then a nice rebound
you mean 1240? 1140 sounds nuts lol
Thinking tomorrow’s report will be nothing or a sizable swing to the upside. Could be interesting.
Or just the opposite
Nov Beans over 50 cents down correction over last 8 trading days during crop decline with no rain and hot midwest last 5 weeks. Crop condition rating Mon after close 3pm central and Sept monthly crop report Tues 11am central showing new estimates of yield and carryover. Trading Places??!!
Decline again 1-3% very possible monday in bean !
Crop conditions
Below the 20ma
Staying short on wheat and beans for now Ron.
This year similar to 2003 growing season. Then rallied big on Sept and Oct crop reports thru harvest on reduced yields due to hot and dry Aug weather.
If you want more time, buy Nov options, but cost way more in time value with about 7 weeks until expiration.
Agree, the cost of the call is very low, the potential of the upside is huge!
If you like to gamble, forget the casinos, sports, and horses. This play has merit, only my opinion.
Oct 13.80 call options going for about 19 cents ($950). Margin on 1 soybean futures contract $4620. Can buy 5 at the money call options for cost of margin on 1 futures contract. The risk is the calls expire in 17 days. Trading days at 17 is a long time for these markets. Obviously a risky move with great profit potential or lose it all if you wait till expiration to get out with the price under your strike price.
I'm long 4 Oct 13.80 call options (based on Nov futures price, serial month options), 6 cents out of the money. Next 2 1/2 weeks could be big with the crop report. Can leverage 4 positions with much reduced margin, but a quick move is needed because of the time factor. Could be large, possibly with the impending crop report.
I agree Martin Bergeron. Nov soybeans 15 to 16 dollars by Halloween possible when damage exposed during harvest Sept and Oct timeframe.
Soybean crop condition released after close today. Good to excellent rating dropped by a large 5 percentage points. Beans only rally 6 cents on this report??? Appears trade is waiting on USDA monthly crop report on Tues Sept 12 at 11am central. Yield estimates and 2024 carryover number huge.......
When funds realise the dommages of the corn and bean crop, a squeeze coming. The balance sheet in the bean have no place to decrease again, the crop conditions still dropped again next week. Until the harvest is not complet…
If blue line is close on acres harvested and yield y'all will be right with with that bear case
is it down again?