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Will $13 hold into close….
Grains are dogs.
But huge Jan report around Jan 15, 2024, with updates on final 2023 yields and 2024 carryover numbers. I believe Jan crop report could be big bullish soybeans. Position accordingly between now and the big report Jan 15. They already sold off a dollar on some rain in Brazil to major 1290 support. Is 1291 the winter low from here????
The report won’t be consequential, they will be slow to cut SA production. Historically price rallies to March
Tested 1291 support, over a dollar selloff from about 1400. Now monthly crop report at 11am central tomoorow, Fri. Bean market now 23 cents off major support lows. Future action depends on tomorrow crop report short term, and weather Brazil and Argentina most important now thru Feb. That is what they trade now, South American weather thru February.
Big ol thumbs up on this
Im trapped like a long rat. Hope youbguys are right about some green days. My bag is rather heavy at the moment.
Historically dec is a green month. Hang in there. GL
thanks! I’m patient and not overburdened with contracts.
it goes again 1400?
but for how long
Well it took a little longer then I originally anticipated but it's working nicely. The longer it takes the harder it breaks . look to cover open shorts @ 12.79
Good call
Why so cheap
Lot cheaper today. Or as a bag holder it got a lot more expensive.
any possibility for 1400
Maybe we find that 1294 gap eh?
I was thinking a bumpity before a dumpity…. Anyways gap closed nicely
Needs to close above 1300 again, Friday could make it interesting though
Yeah…. That looks bearish. Will see
Next big only Buy+++
Uncanny how China is timing these flash sales
Wonder how many sales theyre going to back out of later….
Depends how that SA crop looks next month
soybeans this month end 1380
soybeans trying to go higher towards 1400 and possibly beyond
I mean have you looked at carry cost in the us Vs sa?
on what basis
$1300 before weekend
There will be shortage of soybeans and corn in 2024.
what happened in soyabean
1350 after US session
when wil it be 1400
which time i am buy 1327
Well that took longer then I expected
what happened in soyabean
But like super duper southernly rain
Going to pop to 1400 any time now.
Well there's the range, not sure that this will close back at 1350.
that lil gap at 58.5 looks like a bull’s hope
Not looking good across the board
it goes again 1400 plus