US Cotton #2 Futures - Mar 24 (CTH4)

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US Cotton #2 Futures Discussions

up or down?
when its will up
what is a realistic prediction for max price from to january
should i sell now or hold longer
below 74, comes below 70!! i would love it buy it below 70
95 son !
jacob oeters how do you know?
he is just hopping for 95
bull signal long to 90
low price indian cotton December month
same in Pakistan
i have phisical cotton should i hold a little longer or sell now
cotton this week?
this year cent may be between 76 to 85
up coming days china buying in us cotton it's buying time
haha bro when ever u post about buying it goes reverse
how much next week cotton rate
any chance it reaches 90 again
from now until febuary
next three days 80 +
V accurate.
Future Price For Pakistani Cotton???
what does ut wasde report mean for cooton price this month
us cotton
ice cotton trend at nearly 72
market UP next week
Gap 64$ is on the way lol
never been so easy ksjesrb lol
To wat level it might reach
What’s the reason behind the decline in cotton rate internationally
does anybody know if it's going to recover or should i sell my crop ;
commodities slump mandatory to stop crazy rate hikes
maks mars so from now to feb when is best time to sell
veeresh keep buying brother
How can buy it in pakistan
does anybody know if it's going to recover or should i sell my crop ;
kostash these are bottom rate...u know ur loss profit strength if u can hold then u must hold market couls touch will change its direction or wasde report in my opinion only further trade on ur own rish