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Manipulation! Be prepaird for a drop
Looking at the monthly charts for Apple and Microsoft, I am baffled as to why they have gone up so much since the end of 2019 / start of 2020...they both seem massively overvalued to me. What justifies such staggering growth in share price? For me, AI is not enough - we are still years away (I think) from seeing any real impact from it. As far as I am concerned, it is just a matter of time before investors get fed up of not seeing AI gains, or get nervous from holding such expensive stocks, or start to take profit. These stocks have gone up too much on the back of a vague promise. Hard to see more upside from here in the short to medium term.
nasdaq says : I am tired baby . I am not young :)
it doesn't know how to be red
*Correction: Nasdaq needs at least $500 point shave by Thursday.
Nasdaq needs at least $500 point by Thursday.
Mr HULU Good Call Thanks
strong buy in NQ100 Silver and GOLD
It’s just the NQ7 now the other 93 stocks and the rest of the market mean nothing
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Nasdaq is about to boom
And what will send it higher?
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black Monday
TREASURE GLOBAL ,TGL to the Moon .soon stay tuned
chart shows will pull up soon...for 14400/ 14800+++...
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Look nasdaq ha ha ha
If Nvidia earnings weren't enough to carry this pump further, I can't see anything else that will be. Half day for the US tomorrow and closed on Friday, so can't see much happening until Monday...
Looks like they are going to keep pumping this into obserdity until something breaks. Some will win big. Most will lose. Sad reality of today's markets. Good Luck!
Don’t go against America ever always look forward never short the market you will be crushed let it be written, let it be heard
why sudden fall from 14,359 to 14240.? Can anyone explain to me please.
Because machines are placing trades, not humans.
profit booking selling pressure come TRG 14100
Nvidea EPS and revenue beat (EPS 4.02 v 3.36 expected and revenue 18.12B v 16.18B expected). Must be something in the forward guidance that the AI algos don't like...
Nvidia are saying that sales to China will “decline significantly” in the current quarter due to US sanctions on chip exports to China...but they reckon that their growth in other regions will offset this. I think the stock has peaked for now.