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  • Technically it's still very scary, now it's the time to evaluate if Market Makers, Governments, Institutions, etc.... will ever allow the Dax to fall more then the "normal" 10% correction, because i think that it will be more damaging for the Dax and all Indices to drop 30% now then the near 40% drop in the beginning of this crisis. IMO, any massive drop it will be more devastating now then the first drop because most Governments, Central Banks, etc..... deployed massive amounts of stimulus that none can afford. Everything else (Economies, Socially, Unemployment,etc...) have no escape, they are probably doomed, all efforts now are to keep Banks alive otherwise it's another 2008 with steroids. Major factor for another big drop will be a second wave of the virus and we are basically 6/8 weeks away of a better assessment of the potential of a second wave!! Stay safe, keep an open mind and never underestimate markets!! GL everybody
    • If another wave comes i dont think its going to be a major factor - damage is done! You cannot simply print jobs and put people back into spending mode as consumers. Sooner or later the market is going to price in the damage starting from the informal workers which are hard impacted and working its way up to middle class and big businesses and you will see a choke on demand.All these jobs being lost, people will cut back on spending and its going to reflect. You also cannot run airlines, hotels, malls at restricted capacity. if people keep thinking stimulus is going to drive the market to new highs thats awesome but what if companies start really printing negative results? fed /ecd cant bail them all out thats reality. I dont trade fundamentals- PA today is still massive bullish so we have to follow. but reality comes eventually
    •  Agree mate!! How tanking the stock market will help?? it's the only part of the economy that can be manipulated to keep some wealth. If Market drops, it doesn't mean that someone won, obviously someone always wins, but mainly, everybody loses because wealth it's gone!! Stock market it's one of, if not the only market, that can keep some wealth!! All other sectors like i said, are probably doomed!!
    •  not saying tanking market helps and anyone needs to win, but the fed/ecb cant bring back jobs to all the restaurants, hotels, airlines, key industries so at some point it has to balance out. just think of small businesses first, lots won't survive this, then there are all those people without jobs. Same in media/finance which are big european industries - they have paycheck protection to a point then comes layoffs and a saturated job seeker pool and pressure on the consumer. all these factors impact business that sell anything as it now becomes harder than ever to get money out of consumers. its just my opinion. its why i dont trade fundamental as it clouds judgement