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so iam kinda lacking how do i change that
Taking my money back ✌️
vince is back ,
More Superstar got released
Shorted this targetting 45
This is foing way up
One hunnit!!!!!
Over $100 coming. Cup and handle formation
Investing could care less about wwe stock lol. Its lookin solid! $100 next.
Very bullish
Very bullish
Parabolic moves comin once the new trend to hold wwe begins
Next meme stock to go parabolic within one month
just bought in. small investment, lookin for a big run. theres only 1 gamestop, but i really feel this could run big. its undervalued to start, and fundamentals look solid. all it needs now are all the monkey see, monkey do wsb pumpers.
Too expensive stock for WSB.
Elon Musk is a space cadet; WWE is valued at 3 000 million dollars market cap its such an amazing investment right now its a steal this is insane WWE made 131 million dollars last year with COVID. They barely have any debit its like what else do you want?
only a 3 billion market cap  how is WWE stock so cheap  I'm loading up the house because this just makes no sense this is crazy they make over 100 million net income per year
I knew it, yes!
I bought some on Friday at 46.975, I think its worth more then that especially when COVID cases are dropping, but I'm just curious what did you know?
sell 79.64 p/e
Se jodio la fiesta de momento
Precio estimado 166$
Buy .... Hold.... Never sell WWE.
Str8 up
Time to play the Game
Should i pile up more stock now. Or wait till it hits 29 and below?