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Oct 26, 2022
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Teledyne Technologies Incorporated Analysis

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated Company Profile

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated Company Profile

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated provides enabling technologies for industrial growth markets. These markets include factory automation and condition monitoring, air and water quality environmental monitoring, and others. The Company has four segments. Digital Imaging segment includes sensors, cameras and systems, within the visible, infrared, ultraviolet and X-ray spectra for use in industrial, scientific, government, space, defense, security and others. Instrumentation segment provides monitoring and control instruments for marine, environmental, industrial and other applications, and electronic test and measurement equipment. Aerospace and Defense Electronics segment provides electronic components and subsystems, data acquisition and communications components and equipment, harsh environment interconnects, general aviation batteries and other components. Engineered Systems segment provides systems engineering, integration and technology development, and manufacturing solutions.

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                    • I just saw with News of us TDY partnering with IBM as a major supplier after market on this news is expect our stock to price to go up almost $3 a share Tues like I said IBM is even backing us up financially for the first time in our companys history expect an awesome day on Wallstreet today we are tickled pink here at TDY to have partner like IBM with there 100 year history of business experience backing us at TDY sorry I can't disclose what IBM wants from us but Hello Watson! Lol SPP TDY Director of OS Architecture