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All time high coming
ARM ipo is more worth than Softbank M.C
Outstanding renowned trader 💌👆
will take a long time to go up again 😔!?
whatever, ill go long on this.
this post aged well
see the longer time frame chart , you will wonder, How come fundamentals are showing beta value only 0.89
lol now everyone knows ustech is gonna drop tomorrow.. It was on cnbc.. Yet suddenly 60% is bullish on ndq while it's been 70% bearish all the time it has risen from march. But still 20k can happen
Seems like an unethical investment firm
Short it. They deserve it. And hold it
I was here when somebody bought 8 million of shares and in 1 second price updated from 5150 to 5750...
Darryl Parvin Softbank owns most of ARM, the company that collects license fees from every cellphone and tablet sold, two giant telecoms companies and the guys who make the scary military robots (boston dynamics). Adam Neumann is not just the former CEO of WeWork but also a former Israeli Naval Officer and a close friend of Jared Kushner, Donald Trumps son in law. If you have half a brain, you understand that there is more to the WeWork deal than meets the eye
bullish till 5.5k
bullish till 5.5k
This stock will go very upside bcoz 5 barazil companies add with soft bank
Stock split 2 for 1. 25 June 2019
Did Softbank seriously drop 50% this night? . Or is there maybe a flaw in the trading data? I cannot find any article about it.
2:1 stock split on Jun 25. 2019
I'm 26 and idk what this is is this a cult?
What group of corporations are holding softbank?
For example: The Master Trust Bank of Japan >>>parent>>> Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Japan Trustee Services Bank>>>  Owners>>> Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings (66.67%). Resona Bank (33.3%)
With collapse of tech stocks valuation, softbank’s financial should get hit. It’s goodwill by far exceeds its equity.