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buying at $65.50
its near 52 week high but still strong. i can still buybut with a stop loss.
long term investment is good.
Based on what?
I misunderstood what you wrote and it was so simple. I thought I read "not a good investment." My bad. BNS is one of my favorite holdings. I agree with you. Long-term indeed.
I sold when analyst said going down 53 & should of bought now annalist said 77 should I buy ?
I will be selling soon once my long term set's in
Humm,yes.Still an effective analyst if your overall appreciation gains remain acceptable to your age and goal ?Otherwise keep an eye out for another.
time in the market beats timing the Market
will it last? I think not..
what we think upside tendency?
I'd wait, it might test 54 range before going back up
upside tendency
great buy opportunity, long @53.59will hold for a while and get those dividends too
when the banks are done giving money, I want to see how low it will go
why isnt this at 58+ yet
It could get there tomorrow, before the BIG drop
Any kind of good news would help at this point..
Back to 53 in no time
Gap filled-back down?
Nearing a double bottom-or- a collapse
Is this a long term investment?
if you were to buy right now I would say yes
I am buying more
again going down????
Anyone buying this in 2019?
More like selling the Canadian banks, and this one in particular has been a dog
who is holding this still? honestly this is worse than the RBC and TD
It has 5% dividend yield + the stability + long term growth potential. Any better idea?
the slogan "you are richer than you think". Therefore, they keep spending to the former AirCanada centre. Also, their child company, Tangerine, is wasting money to sponsor the US league basketball team. As everyone knows AC declared bankruptcy. Therefore, I think the worst case is declare bankruptcy for this scrap.
Never buy this *******
It's a scrap.
There are good economies in latin America, and there is money to be made down there.  BNS has been on a buying spree, not just in south America, and some investors don't like debt or what BNS got for their money.   The stock has been slottered and now down over 10% for the year.
TD and BMO for example exceeded their profit in last quarterly report in USA. and Scotiabank went to expand in Latin America? someone please enlighten me because Latin america's economy is never stable why not go to America? too late? did they fail?
Great oppurtunity for buying this stock with nice yield and fair price at 76$ per share..
Should have no problem with a double beat on earnings. I expect 65 dollar price by sept 7. They did a wonderful job putting roots down all over the globe.