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is 83 usd a good buy? Is 115 too high?
love the fact this stock is getting hammered. the CEO is big WEC supporter.
the CEO is leaving
Chacha Chachu chachcha do not bet at polio affected horse in race
70$ next year
Matthew mccohnhey does salesforce ads think they should do better. Buy a lincoln and use salesforce
Got my shares at $142.85
Soon will start to push higher
Just bought 200.000 shares
Too many zeros: 20.000 shares
Let’s see if yoday reaches 150
Buy this before it's too late. At P/E Ratio 579.72 you can't go wrong. LOL
😂🤣 they like to buy expensive
Waiting for 52-week low
Targets have been lowered but are between 180 to 200 from what I see. Sounds like a good investment.
This seems like a buying opportunity, down 7% pre-market off a little lower guidence and the exit of a co-ceo. Non-issue IMO for CRM.
579 PE? just because stock goes down 7 % doesn't make it cheap
Yup, not worth this stock at this P/E, but some bag holders buy high and sell low.
If a company goes from 5 billion in revenue to 26 billion in five years, it will be a high P/E. Stock price was at 143 when I made my comment, so lets see who is right and who is wrong.
how to use apk?
Still expensive!
CRM book are tight, not yet a bargain but close.. Do check out Adobe too ! PYPL ? : stay away till the 30' show up.
Despite the broader market beating down most technology stocks, Salesforce, Inc. (NYSE: CRM) is widely considered one of the best stocks to buy now.
I don't think a stupid app software company is so valuable. It's actually not that good.
$150 if it goes $75 maybe considering to buy some .
You may have to wait for a split to get there. Im adding sround 120
why bears
beautiful p/e is 170 🤣
How? Trailing p/e is 45. Forward is Ibn the 30s.
stock tumble from the low $200s to just $165 in recent months. At this price, CRM stock is selling for 35 times forward earnings
All you guys expecting >100 and watching the green colour every single day. nasdaq loss -28% this year. strong rebound is coming.
$177 right now but it's worth about $40 $50
p/e 170 CEO sells his shares every week why should I buy !
stay short this takes longer then you think to play out. will look to cover under 149