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Will fill gap and make new ath soon
What is the expectancy?
cramer lied
back to 120 be ready 🔥🔥
Tesla will show massive increase in stock price coming weeks not months.
haha. I guess this did not age well.. This bubble also will pop anytime now.
which penny stock shell company will the PPT pump up next to give the appearance of stability.
674 P/E ratio. You would have to be an More On to buy this. Talk about overpriced.
luckily no one looks at GAAP earnings, so 30 it is
Is JaRome pumping this up like he did APPL and TSLA and others with QE tactics after loading up his personal portfolio with his insider cohorts.
Filling the gap soon
FOMO by hedge funds as bond yields climb higher for longer. Hold that bag for a Japanese lost decade and enjoy
there you go babies!!! give me all your money shorty's
PE Ratio is 671, they fired 2000 people and the stock goes up 12%. More like a casino than an equities market!
Heading below 100
Valuation based on fluff.
It is, should be a good short in a week. Let it meander around this area for a bit and when it doesn't go up, people will start to sell.
Goldman Sachs target price 310, it is going to be a long ride!☄️
They can set it to 1000, they'll be selling to retail every inch of the way into a recession and probable depression.
This will be a huge opportunity to short tomorrow
300 tomorrow.
This is a short squezze ! Hold your positions, this will fade tomorrow
Clearely overvalued ! Short 191$ ! 2 k shares for start
This is going to collapse
Time to short !!!
Back to 130 by eow???
In your dreams... Potential is still 155 usd
Margin calls ???? Algo is as bad as put and xi
is 83 usd a good buy? Is 115 too high?