Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

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This is just a warm up before the freefall that is coming up soon.
Hahahahaha check it now bro
Check the trend since 2011 bro. Or 1 year. Or year-to-date. Ain't no money making will happen here, bro.
Wth is going on with this stock never goes up?
It will rise to $90.46 in the short term due to seasonal factors, regardless of what Buffett bought.HHH
Buffett bought more
Going nowhere for 1.5 years now. A big crash is imminent.
Please sell so i can buy more
72 tgt
Solid Investment.
Loving this stock. Short sellers' paradise.
Buying more byeeeee
Down in the mud
A nice rise..heading North. Long term stock.
Some people here seem confounded that an oil company moves together with the price of oil
Only lose money with this stock
I litterally just made money with it 5 minutes ago
I don't believe it.
This is a penny stock that Buffet bought to mix in a bit of fun and risk in the portfolio. It's been in a consistent bearish direction since 2022 November and now bounced back exactly where it was technically predictable.
...and you believe that he's playing games with client's money. Interesting.
It's 4.22 percent of the entire equity portfolio of Berkshire, so yeah, it's pretty insignificant regarding the entire strategy. Insignificant enough to take the high risk this share carries.
OXY is stable for long term investors. Still buying stock. Expect to hit 65 this week.
If above 60 levels could be held that would signify some strength and upward potential.
Crude is rising so is OXY.
going back down south where it's headed
it should be 75 already.
except it won't be. investors prefer to keep their money in free risk (higher than 5% yield) investments. OXY has a high debt load and offers less dividend
Very anemic performance compared to other oil/energy shares. 60 is a rock solid resistance.
Remember to always buy high and sell low. I'm sure Warren Buffet is buying this because it's a terrible company with no future LOL
Do you think Buffet has never made a bad investment? I do like oxy though they should pay a higher Dividend
The Bear is STRONG!!!