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Any of the rumours of ripping out Nokia gear true? Mood getting sour really fast if true.
congratz pekka another downgrade ! Market sees nokia as perpetual misery !
it should be 5
Not nokia related but , what a sad Black Friday sale week ( like 3 items with decent discounts others just fake price drops same stuff as last year )Having a feeling this black friday sales going to suck. Hope we get better deals soon here or i might close the screen for a week or two and just relax a bit.
Having a feeling i should short. :(
Ill GAMBLE today :) . Sold shares yesterday.
Climb over .64 please.
yep had same idea thats why i didnt do it
at the prices they're selling this phone the stock is like 5 to 10 dollars too cheap
I thought the same buying it at 4.2 $ 3 y ago and since than I have been wondering why it didnt happen . Answer is quiet simple nokia is lost and forgotten outdated model buisness that provide things noone beside big telkom service providers need, so they cant rip consumers of money but they got ripped of high margins by service provider which dont want to pay a lot so margin is bs for nok.
in stocks everything is trie until it isnt. money has last word. always.
Uno mas . .340 s. (Just because i hope overall market downturn soon)
Yesterday was fun . No more shorting. Just normal shares .
the min this stock should be is $12.00
Read and learn PEKKA! ARISTA +10% premarket because they know how to make money of this telkom business!
Stupid to push my luck , but today/tomorrow ill take a short if i get good entrypoint.
Cant win them all :) closed - .250 @ .290.yesterday.
3.20ish line to see if holds or fun times ahead.
Pekka grants short-sellers with tons of bucks because of his astonishing leadership
Damn exit was too early @150.
no worries ! Pekka will grant you another slip&slide very soon :)
today will go down circa 10-15% again
This price melts faster than glaciers in europe. Nokia's pivot to Nogains is accomplished. Abomination.
With Ericssons na sales down , can this go below 3.15? Was hoping to close my short today, but might keep it open.
Huorat rikkoo 3,5$ ja sitten nousuun
Closed short .525. No idea yet what's next move. Less riskier short maybe. Maybe just wait for next week. Have a nice weekend!
Next step down 3.40?
3.2 easly than little kick-up and down below 3 till covid lows thats CEO's plan i think.
Espoo, Finland – Nokia’s Board of Directors has resolved to issue 59 500 000 new shares in a directed share issuance without consideration to Nokia Corporation to be later used to fulfil the company’s obligations under its equity plans that vest in 2023 and in 2024.
To the moon!!! 🚀🚀🚀
1,96% up is nokia's mooning style
I try keep my short as i think this pump a little ,then dump scheme has not ended yet.
Nokland, the land of misery
The nok stock is under attack since march 2020 by mr king of=======
I will buy all your stocks, móróns. Shorts squeeze comming 🤤
lol wonder in which parallel universe nokia is as overvalued that investors go heavy on short and then price spikes even higher to squeez them...
Vitun kyrpäapinat
Nokia is going up a big time
F it lets get this over4 and keep it there for good.