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Waiting for my dividends!!
Short interest as of end of March 2021 was around $644M. That's about half of what it was back in January. So, not sure why it's moving.
Could we be seeing the making of a gamma squeeze? Instead of shorting the stock, pessimists may be shorting calls.
Low volume for such a big move...
Macy target is 25 usd
Min 25-30$ in 2021y that's real price.
going to be a hard sale trying to get people to go back to business suits and put their pajamas aside.
Macy's is spending too much money renovating its stores And there's not enough foot traffic for it to justify
Macy’s will down to 10
buy kohl's
I think stimulus checks will boost Macy's,keeping stocks
Jim Cramer moves macys 4 percent.... seems like a tradable stock.
Macy is really too cheap... it will move very fast  back to above 20$....
maybe not 20, but 17 for sure.
Where will we settle after the 2 p.m. temper tantrum that happens most days?
Might bounce to 16 if it can hold 15 in the short term.
Watch. Macys is so cheap. It will be back to 22-24 in 2-3 weeks. Period
saddened by sell-out yesterday :(
lol. Panic sell?
When will Macy's mark to market their commercial property losses?
Longs better hope this bounces before close or that candle is going to spark some serious selling.
Yeh this should come down Massively from here
But what about now ? I think is time to buy ?
If 15 holds then ya...
been a royal customer for more than 20 yrs, bought shares at $11, sold them at 19.65 today. Will buy more later when cheaper~
I've been watchin' you for some time Can't stop starin' at those diamond mind those diamond hands oh oh ohhh
I'm about to pull my millions out and go to Starbucks.
Market makes no sense lately .. this should playing above $20
imo, it should. e around 12
high p/e shorts, buying, and selling is throwing off basic predictors.