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to the moon
this one could be a 2x
I am in from 20. Lets see where it goes
good to be not prof.😀
I bought it in 2015. Will sell in the range of 40-60
25 is a good price for me to sell
Russia and Belarus alone produce 30% of all the world's fertilizer. K&S will continue to increase significantly over the medium term. It still has an affordable price.
Where can it go? Now around 23 euro
until 35
other good news: Russia announced it will stop exporting ammonium nitrate for two months. The chemical compound is used in the agriculture industry as a fertiliser to boost yields for crops like corn, cotton and wheat. Russia is reportedly responsible for around 62 percent of global production
even w/o sanctions potash prices are subsrantially better than at the beginning of Q1/21...
watch the price of potash after the EU sanctioned Belarus...taking into account the underlying profit uplift, there is plenty of room for a rally, unless anyone thinks this doesnt last long
why this *****stock is rising? every ratios are negative!!
Any target price for the end of 2021?Now is 10.5 euro
sdf will go up they are handling their debt
any chances to recover?
IFF it is responsibly and honestly managed with due regard to shareholders’ legitimate rights and interests, I cannot see how a company that deals in two of the most essential materials for mankind's immediate as  well as long term existence (i.e. salt and potash) can go bust...One can live quite comfortably without gold, precious metals etc but NOT without salt and food.
who was long at 4 / 5 ? :)
The company is indebted. It has 4 billl. of debt. The only reason its still alive is the low interest rates in EU. I dought if they will make it. Long term short, would be a good position (1-3yrs).
DO YOU do you think K+S it doesn't worth ? to entry nowdays ?
target 20 euros in May 2019
thoughts on this?
At 19 I will go long.
According to the book € 23.15.. € 40 acquisitions wanted to give him.. According to CEO worth € 60.. Why and how long this paper suffers from € 20 with?
Wait for down and buy for long term