Icahn Enterprises LP (IEP)

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High dividend Yield

Dividend yield shows how much a company pays its shareholders in dividends annually per dollar invested. It reflects how much an investor will earn aside from any capital gains in the stock.

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  • Have some faith in the genius of Carl Icahn. Reinvesting your dividens will help him work his magic, and will compound like crazy.
    • why there is no net income ?
      • In addition to its very rewarding dividends, Today’s stock price increase could be indicative for an upward trend. It’s 12 months forecasted price is about 70 according to several analysts…
        • looks ok to buy.. what about PE is 602, and debt, any thoughts?
          • It’s good for its dividends, yet it needs to generate higher revenues and profits to be able to sustain their dividends
        • the best.
          • What you guys think about this stock?
            • 💯💯💯
            • 13.9% return without having to think about it....not too shabby
          • high dividend , company of carl ican . He invests in companies within iep.
            • this dividends are correctly? cuz I saw different values on my broker, there say that the anual dividend yeld is 6.8%.
          • A company thats been in business for more that 80years is a reliable investment.. i be buying more of this company
            • ill buy also
          • 9/30/2020 Randa Duncan Williams Director Buy 15,000 $1,000.00 $15,000,000.00
            • Dividend yield can lead you into a trap if you're not careful. you noticed that the divisor of the formula for dividend yield is the stock's price per share. If the price drops and the dividend remain the same, the dividend yield will rise. (this is what is happening to this stock). You may buy a company with a high dividend yield, but one that is also on its way to the poor house and may not be able to afford to pay any dividend in the near future. (look at its earnings. how long can this dividend last? you take 10% but you face the risk of larger capital depreciation, you are paying yourself while more money got trap). . What do the other fundamentals look like? Dividends are paid out of cash and cash comes from? Does the company have a healthy supply of cash and a consistent history of earnings and earnings growth? no. its earnings and cash flow are negative.. . this company has huge debt, how is that going pay? is it mature soon?. . a sinking share price using "dividend" as last resort.
              • i am willing you to pay success fees in every transaction for each ticker you will advise me to buy and to sell for shorting for scalping. can we co operate together please ?
              • trades 35 to 63. pays 8.00 a year between 10 and 16% yield ... I'm all over it . park it . forget it.
              • Ah, the power of hindsight.
            • 10% dividend has its price to pay. they have got negative net operating income, net earnings, and cash flow from operating activities, high total liabilities, high debt ratio and low equity. where is the money coming to cover all of the latter? its a matter of time they crash the equity price.
              • I am long on this. Bought Strike @ 60 call options. Lets see.