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is called DINO now
why is this at $30?
Take profit now. Biden is gonna destroy fossil fuels. It's all about renewables.
renewables and your feet of course, protected with shoes made of wood... no plastics
which is why the cost of fossil fuels are going up
Crazy, when I covered this morning, it spiked and I picked up another 100000 calls...so now I own about 1% of their stock
Buy a pile! Soon we will be at $10 a share...oops, I MEAN SHORT A PILE...haha...this company wont M&A anytime soon....dunno, Im in straddles at 100000 shares for a year...gl
haw naw I get
Once the bears let go, its gonna rocket, when it hits bottom i will definitly add another 60000...amzed at how little down I am on 40000
You are up exactly one cent per share since September 25. Congrats!
The mm is ruthless, but fair.
Fair? You'll  change your tune  soon enough
My objective is to excercise my options near Jan 15 to hold for dividends.
Hfc likes its gaps....at 21.5, 31 and 55
Got 40000 shares at 21
Very good company, very good trade
Insider info: Just bought 50 of the Oct 35c at.85
... good question!
wouldn't insider information be illegal? if someone really had any would they post it in a chat like this?
Ooh look at big gary with his 4.25k get out of here nerd