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.5B loss on latest MCU studio release.
woke trash, broke stock...
Told you
Disney needs a reboot.
Sell before this weekend, the marvels is setting up to be the worst movie of the year. Get out while you can
The more stupid the movie, the higher the revenue. That's what people like.
Their busiest time of year and they only made 80cents per share... overpriced trash.
did you say rocket ?
Steady stock. Technical positive . Buy signal
all in sell..
Another woke stock to avoid. Down from here on out
DIS stock is a no go..
I'd agree, but with a few major releases on Disney plus like Loki, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a jump in subscribers. It happened before, specifically with Marvel's Loki last year.
Don't buy Disney stock. A friend just asked about it given today's article in CNN about earnings, and I checked WaveTech forward looking momentum and price projections to confirm my expectations, which is that the stock is overall headed lower since FL Gov. DeSantis began interfering in Disney and state tourism, which have been on a decline, for at least a year now. I live on FL east coast, visit friends on west side between Tampa and Naples, and noticed how much quieter (more sparse) the beaches were this spring and summer, and even now when 'the season' of 'snowbirds' starts. When the local news reported state tourism has fallen since DeSantis and GOP passed Don't Say Gay laws, specifically hotels and recreational business revenue in FL's been declining over the past year, this statewide problem explains why DeSantis is losing support in GOP primaries against more moderate candidates, while consumers stay away from his aggressive interference in the lives and businesses of the state, and why business owners have drastically cut back donating to his campaign. Assuming the state supreme court allows the state consitutional amendment proposals to be put on next November's ballot to protect abortion and stop putting pot smokers in prison, the nation will realize DeSantis was a one-hit wonder.
get woke go broke
Does Dis make Magical fly
Hoy vamos a 110$.
earnings and rocket?
I'm afraid that earning will disappoint, mostly because of the theme park unit.
Te temiste mal hahahaa
Sorry, I was wrong!
What do you think of Hulu?
$76 per share has a nice ring to it
time to wakeup $100 go
Stock sucks !!!
it's safely in the hands of daytraders
Garbage stock !!! Good job Disney!! Bunch of idiots
Going down the tubes
go woke go broke...
its running to par then reevaluate
forget it....no longer a driver of perfermonce. you have been dupped by the previous decade
Very true