Deutsche Bank AG NA O.N. (DBKG)

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Flying Rocket!!!
results tomorow to beat expectations
sideways movement , dbk accumulating shares before release of q2 results
q2 will not be a good report :(
All central bank ECB BOE FED rising rates.
Hurry and go BANKRUPT!!!
you are completely stupid
Come to Daddy!
DB’s turn is coming. BIG Zero!
:D 🖕
Next up!!!
Deutsche's WHO?
Be prepared for major disasters.
Deutsche is worse than First Republic, I don’t see how investors stay in it. It’s totally worthless.
5-7% Dividend at this level.
Don't they still have trillions in unfunded liabilities?
The banking sector in general is in danger let alone a an almost bankrupt bank.
7 bucks soon ouchie inc
Dead bank walking.
11 Euro within 3 weeks pls
DB might collapse $5 coming…
You are funny :D
Remember ...Deutche Bank makes 5 B euro profit ! 2023 won't be different !
Back to 12 by summer.
Yes, I think this is very very possible !
you mean 12 euro or 12 usd?
The comments here are about Deutche Bank AG NA O.N. (DBKGn) , ...euro !!
DB exposure to marked to market instruments is morw than 70b euro. A bank run will be phenomenal
in the worst case possible - ECB will print some euros to fill the gap and thats it
bought few days back at the fake panic, now im +11% up
what panic? DB will end up at 0 sooner or later
later is 200 years later? or what
I told anyone around here Deutche Bank is very strong and with a very strong balance sheet ! This stock will surge 50% in 12 months !! Good luck 2 all !
For those who didn't mention it...the P/E is at 3,75 !!!! Cheaper than this you'll never find !
the question should be why invest now. without cheap money sectors of economy will have to adjust and some will be left behind. in this regard i would rather agree that banking would not be left behind, but valuations is another topic.
no 5 eur
I mean I'm not buying, someone should lol
7 bucks within 1.5 months ,like taking candy from a baby