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This company is no longer a joke, it is a pure evil - after canceling salary increase to most of it's employees and denying relocation to thousands of Ukrainians (all this people kept working hard while their homes where bombed), the CEO Mike Salvino still got his 20 mln compensation and bonus. Stock is always down and no promises are being delivered. This place is bag of injustice, stay away. Mike should go to jail.
WTF ✝️
Mind the gap!
31 above soon these weeks bullish sentiments again stimulus package business development infrastructure realising it
hi iam indian can I buy this share and how can I buy
hi you can buy....
next 10-15% drop today and tomorrow then ready to fly
 I d like to see it firstly
There it is!!! Dxc BEATS !!!
 So where is the boom of price ? :) i see its going downwards
Totally unhealthy behavior of 4 Mil Volume in 15 Min and 7 Mil through the day, -14% from +2% and a matter of 15 mins
wth is happening
 Looks like Atos walked away from trade talks.
 seen it as well, but not at the time when it failed
no more dividends from DXC
I love how this goes from strong buy to strong sell 5 minutes after I buy a ton. Uggghhhhh
those indicators are worthless, never make a decision based on others opinion
If you retiree don't keep your hard earned money in a bank. Split the money and -as myself - try to make from it a large sum. More, investing is a "good" to spend time and to train the brain.
Hi all nice discussion ! This stock seems ok to my today either on BB or RSI
THANK, you Sir I appreciated . what about DXC ? it will rise is it worths to invest or to have a look in LYFT and / or PINS ? are you Professional Trader ? can we co operate together in the near future ? Szilike .
Yes, from Poland. Mull over LYFT or PINS. It's up to you.
YOU HAVE right Mr. Stefaniak ? are you Polish ? I am from Greece. do you have any ticker to suggest please for short term ?
Don't follow inept people given worthless recommendations! Follow your intuition.
the company is on sale now.
How do you know the company is on sale?
I stock can make me rich in 5 years.David Einhorn is also adding DXC.
Looks to be on a free fall .. any thoughts if its worth entering
Go for it after the covid 19 tornado
Maybe you can buy 50% now and 50% later.
the price is an attractive price.
is anyone concerned about this dip or is it a time to buy
the price is an attractive price.
What happened to this company today? It beat earnings and revenue...
Sigh! Got the story!
its getting ready to go up in two week we should be at break eveb or sooner
wonderful results
wonderful results
What the ***happened to the company today?