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To the moon 🚀 🚀 🚀
Boom is coming
based on analysis or wishes?
yes, the crash is coming. Unfortunately
😂😂only in your dreams boy
adding more !!!
A company that makes only $600M yearly revenue, while the CEO is the highest paid auto CEO with $379M compensation. This is really bad and scamming investors.
Lucid is going bankrupt unless they get another cash infusion from PIF at a ridiculous valuation?
Lucid CEO’s $379 million annual pay draws criticism from billionaire Elon Musk: ‘Beware any company where leadership compensation is not linked to performance’
If Lucid is ot performing according to all experts, why should CEO be paid?
Bankruptcy Lchit
The more dislikes your comment gets on this the more TRUE it is lol. Perma bulls her on some serious copium. Bankrupt by 2025.
In comparing to VFS, common Lcid 🚀🚀
On path to bankruptcy now🥵
wow 9 dislike!! its a new record 😅
Saudi PIF raises its steak in Lucid 👍🏻enjoy
Bottom formation done, buy blind for tge target of 12 in next 6 months. Enjoy the ride
52 week low before bounce to $9. Buy Sept calls after drop. RIVN earnings may help push it down as well.
how are my lucid bagholders doing lol. Ready for another sellof after earnings? My shorts sure are! Lmao Mensa Kroglicker a few days ago but suddenly claims to have sold shorts right before release since it's going up and green post earnings. What kind of loser has to lie about performance?
have you herd of risk management? The stock droped hard before earnings so I took my profits just in case. My plans change as the market moves you know. Not adapting is usualy a recepie for disaster.
His shorts got murdered lmao
How is this even green after missing already super reduced Rev estimates by 25%?
All in 🚀
Trash needs a CEO change or something. They make 1000 cars a year and can't even sell 600 of them
just closed my shorts today before earnings will be opening them again in 2-3 days after the less inteligent retail traders pump it. Shorting this is the most profitable thing to ever exist. Shame it will go bankrupt in 2 years.
You gotta get at least one win with all the losing shorts have been doing for the last 1000 spx points
Lol you posted a few days ago saying you were holding shorts for after earnings now you claim to sell after the fact? Liar omg lame
buying the buy ALL IN 🚀
Lower lows after earnings ! 4$ soon and end of story 0.1$
Lol Its down just because LCID sold stock of $3 Billion to Saudi public wealth fund.
That's far from the only reason
Cannot be Saudi hold over 65% of shares and 6B in lequid cash for CAPEX
buying the dip !
Auch looks like Lucid can't sell any cars and had to lower their prices. It will be another red monday ahah.
how are my lucid bagholders doing lol. Ready for another sellof after earnings? My shorts sure are!
You didn't even have to wait until after earnings...
good chance to buy from 7$ levels
LCID coming back a bit but NIO is the better buy under $20 now.