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Buy $PSNY now and thank me later
Can crash to $2 , if u buying around $4 GL :-)
Livent really collapsed lately. Lucid is a turd. They announce an SUV when they can't even produce the first car they came out with
Livent and Lucid Group for winners...I hope
gudu Naseem
this is going up? some potato heads out there..
Saudi or Dubai backup same hell
Let pumping up 💨💨
I dont know where is bottem !!!!
I assure you it is bottoming .. don’t worry review tesla historical performwnce since 2019 and you will know the future of lucid .. best of luck
ALL TIME LOW lets goooooooo
Lucid is luxury ev car, but its Lcid is a trash penny stock ;)
Lcid equals trash
No hope of gains
First ENTRY 3.91/3.96
exit @ 9.49
Bankruptcy soon
short to 2
Maybe 1
Cut production targets again what a pack of losers
Lcid is Top looser of ev car
Who knows when earnings will be announced? What do you expect the stock to do after the announcement?
After market closes
down on earnings
will miss on deliveries
this week 6.20 then next to 8.45
Lcid can not compare to Tsla
Saudis have bought 60% of all shares they will probably take the whole thing.
vielen lucid an alle
ai dreptate fratele meu din Romania, sunt total de acord cu tine! ai mare dreptate, Konstantinos din Grecia
orice copil observa ca are grafic comportament si faliment de criptomoneda , la inceput varf inalt apoi aplatizat la 0 in partea dreapta