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if it breaks 100.4 and hold, 110 will come imo
130€ soon
but when?
Maybe even reach 110 ? 🤔
Bmw ia a racist company.
soon, we head to 85. Nov 2 earnings come, a push up until then
actually we reach 81 ***** and I am happy to have sold it, now down 5% already...
small Cap
p/e 4.38??? cheap 🥰🥰🥰
Very strong company with high and stable dividends. Will eat up Tesla market
Looking forward to the dividend on this. Saucy.
They have production stop because they don't have any parts and this is up 7.25% pure bull *******
siapa aku
Hold... 96 is coming..
time to buy?
which one? can you recommend?
now it is
I bought it in august for 82 and it seems it was a good idea :-)
This asset is technically inside of the down channel, new supports shall be found, also pivot points, when it is done then strong buy.
Bad news
7,23 euros eps is disappointment?
next stop, price target?
regrets, I have a few
should I sell?
The downtrend is caused by slow covid recovery. If you want to hodl it will be +30% in 12 months
will rise up?
down trend is based on production forecast. it's going to take months to recover.
hello, i support buying share to receive dividens. Contract me by cmt
will bump up today!
BMW , DAI and CTT was up the DAX tot this level...15.2xx . Îs the superior front of up trend chanell for all this 4. Who want long therme can sleep, who can shorts term can sale and reinvest at inferior border of channel.
89 above soon these months bullish sentiments again stimulus package realising it's economics stance
thats dangerous.
now you can short :) maybe..