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market is slowly smelling the economic acceleration from here. short term yields will stay high for the foreseeable future.
Great stock to hold and keep long-term no matter any and all economic issues that may arise!
38 coming
so if you are not decided yet, forget it. go buy the expensive p/e stocks. we will talk in 5 years
This response seems to convey a sense of nonchalance or a suggestion to focus on purchasing more expensive stocks with high Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratios. The statement implies a willingness to revisit the conversation in five years to see how the investment strategies have played out.
typical AI response....
if you are here, you are seriously not thinking buying 40 p/e overpriced stocks. you are in for the long term
bac p/e ratio is 8.30 below 2019 levels just above 2020 covid crash levels
A new 52 week low!
lol do you still get the dividend if youre short
If you sre seriously asking that question you have no business shorting a stock. Do some homework
agree strongly with Nonya
no you pay
Everyone is selling, hurry while you still can... 140 billion in unrealized losses!!! 17 soon
131.6 Billion dollars in securities losses. wtf..
U should read more
BAC can reach $30
There fine I have a 34+% trading rate since I've been out of jail 11months.....
I will buy when BAC hit $19
don't listen to talking heads on TV. banks are now a generational buy
People dont realise the large banks in a number of years will be all thats left. The number of banks open has falled dramatically over time and eventually just the big ones will be left. Easy buy for a long term holder
they've been ok to my mother so Im picking them up.
AWE.... The NEW 52 week low 👍
how long can they go on before they must re capitalize ? bonds $100 billion underwater
They dont have to re capitalize at all. And second they dont have to sell the bonds of which 10 billion rolls off per month. If u look u will see big banks are held to much stricted rules than the regionals that are going bust.
they have their reserves with the Fed paying too interest rates. they don't need those bonds (as long as deposits do not fly away)
* high
strong sell. 8B shares, $230B market cap. if this bank becomes strong sell, then imagine conditions of other banks.
52 week low inbound. This US Bank is way to over leveraged. Look at their "Sold but not yet purchased" incredibly HIGH...
It seems like you're expressing concern about a U.S. bank being overleveraged, particularly noting an unusually high level of "Sold but not yet purchased" assets. If you have specific information or data related to this situation, it might be crucial to: Verify Information: Double-check the accuracy of the financial information and metrics you are referencing. Ensure that the data is up-to-date and reliable. Research Financial Reports: Look into the bank's recent financial reports, especially their balance sheets and income statements. This can provide more detailed insights into their financial health. Understand Market Conditions: Consider broader economic and market conditions that might be influencing the bank's performance. Economic factors, regulatory changes, or industry trends can impact financial institutions. Consult Financial Experts: If you have concerns about the bank's financial health, consider consulting with financial experts, analysts, or investment professionals. They can provide additional perspectives and insights. Monitor Regulatory Actions: Keep an eye on any regulatory actions or news related to the bank. Regulatory bodies often play a role in overseeing financial institutions to ensure stability and compliance. Diversify Investments: If you have investments tied to this bank, evaluate your overall investment portfolio and consider diversification to manage risk. Stay Informed: Stay informed about the bank's developments by regularly checking financial news, official statements, and regulatory updates. It's important to note that financial analysis requires a comprehensive understanding of the specific details involved. If you have significant concerns, seeking advice from financial professionals or conducting in-depth research may provide a clearer picture of the situation.
Trading idea - Entry point has to be over 29.2/61.80%
I won't continue to be your capital. You will go broke first. You can make your own money but you won't keep stealing mine.
Jayne you should seek help for the voices in your head
Time to go down,down,down....ha!
110 billion in on URL and this is natural movement? Only can prop up for so long!!! HA
Again false. Do some research pls. Stop reading seeking alpha nonsense
always a winner! up up up
Earnings were terrible yesterday. Sell before the pump allowing "Them" to profit and sell ends
Are you delusional? Explain to me how earnings were bad….
$23.41 Next 52 week low ahead!