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how long can they go on before they must re capitalize ? bonds $100 billion underwater
strong sell. 8B shares, $230B market cap. if this bank becomes strong sell, then imagine conditions of other banks.
52 week low inbound. This US Bank is way to over leveraged. Look at their "Sold but not yet purchased" incredibly HIGH...
Trading idea - Entry point has to be over 29.2/61.80%
like the titanic
I won't continue to be your capital. You will go broke first. You can make your own money but you won't keep stealing mine.
Jayne you should seek help for the voices in your head
Time to go down,down,down....ha!
110 billion in on URL and this is natural movement? Only can prop up for so long!!! HA
Again false. Do some research pls. Stop reading seeking alpha nonsense
always a winner! up up up
Earnings were terrible yesterday. Sell before the pump allowing "Them" to profit and sell ends
great made 20k in 2 days stop loss at 30 so we shall see if your right
Are you delusional? Explain to me how earnings were bad….
$23.41 Next 52 week low ahead!
$23.41 Next 52 week low ahead!
you are a genius did you read your comic book
good luck
32 is the next level
Good call!
I see a lot of comments here about $100bn loss. Its not a loss. Can younplease teach yourself something and go do some really basic research. Im shocked this many people know nothing really scary you are investors
Well... I just state it's a potential risk. You might say it's to big to fail, but on the other hand it could be to big to save.
Again you clearly havent done any research on the makeup of insured vs uninsured deposits at the bank. Very different than regional or svb. Also bac held to a much higher capital standard than small regional banks. Like comparing apples to watermellons.
Hows that 100bn loss lookint??…
seating on 100 bn of unrealised losses be careful anytime bank runnn. 50% sharp correction 🔥
Do some basic research. 10bn rolls off every month of that….
Banks need to go up.
i buy and it plummets before I hit the buy button bank of my ass sucks
naturally starting behind typical
9 percent and a very well run company I think it us an excellent stock ti have it is not that volatile
9 percent dividend very nice
Must have in every portfolio - even Buffet has a substantial holding. Buy the dip before it's too late
mark up & distrubution
Artificially pumping the banks! Lost 100 billion and is up 🤷‍♂️