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Company is in loss but stock will go up
PE is wrong, its 31 PE. For Q2 Revenue down more than 100%. This current price is SO ********expensive.
PER now is 26.66.You are right. Its wrong.
with all the package floating around this is bargain for long time
Down to 140€
i like it is brands
Adidas most filling new bet ander 250
So it was a shooting over an year or bubble
bottom at 150
Don't get too excited about price range, virus is spreading worldwide and we do not yet know the full impact it has on the supply chain. Specifically for firms who are heavily relying on China such as Adidas
ADIDAS unde 270
ADIDAS unde 270
if 301 won't be break , we'll see ADIDAS to 273-275 again
ADIDAS hit 275-278 zone ...don't think will break 301 and turn around ...
gonna see 310 in 2 days
ADIDAS must falling under 275-280
any idea why is Adidas behaving like this?
China is shut down that's what, great opportunity for buyers
 Thanks for your response.
I wish
tou can buy more nike
buy coca coal inc and snap
sell adidas 230 on cards in coming days maintain SL 275
Revenue & EPS increased, why should they sell??I just don't get it.
A correction is due, may be to 200-220 EUR
revenue increases 50% since 2015 stock increases 400%
whats now sell or buy?
new release shoes for next month big buy will happen