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does anyone knows why adidas is sold so much??
Adidas may have absolutely destroyed the future of their country but at least they bent the knee to a handful of outraged weirdos on twitter who have already forgotten about Ye.
fuure of their company*
Rang of price today is wrong 141.22 is the low Not 140.22
Come on hold 150
ADIDAS will continue to sell all YEEZY designs including new ones. Topline affect much less than anticipated. 2023 profit estimates have been raised. New analyst target at 160 Euros.
What happened?
So should we sell Puma now?
Nice this one!We sell puma from monday lol.
Rudy Dassler takes over Adidas...
From 280 to 97 in 52 weeks! Loland Europe is broke- China is done so who is buying this junk ?
Junk ? hahahahaaa. Have you ever spend one day in your life without seeing ADIDAS LOGO ? Only 1 day ???
True, recovery will take years.
Go woke go broke-
Ylu mad they got rid of trumpet
At least they got rid of the ***
Just stopped buying anything adidas for the rest of my life - you should too.last time was some trail running shoes about 2 years ago.they cancel a black man for speaking his mind - hypocrisy at its finest.
A pupet bkack man used by republicans
Sounds ridiculous but this can fall to 70€ next year
not unreal. the issues are still with us. there is a chance for a jump in shprt term and new lows in longer term.
This year! There's an endless downward spiral
Probably going back to 140 very soon
It's already way below 140, I guess you didn't catch up with the latest drops.
Maybe but it can recovery very quickly, i am very bullish on ADS, also with the technical analisis because we are on the 200 months moving average
Fact is: there is no recovery.
Hopefully the market will be open gapup atleast 2%
Worst of DAX. This is not a company, this is a scam.
Adidas has lost the russian market. Wait until it hits 100
why more dow
If warren buffet buy?what happennig then?
Total disaster
death cross weekly as well as strong / mediocre sell signals from Ichimoku cloud. price gap observed at daily graph at 58.7. combined with the shutdown of Russia & Kiev operations I reckon these levels are not pessimistic.
169.8, 154.4 and 139.3 seem to be the next support levels. we are nowhere near bullish before the weekly EMA200 resistance level of 240 is broken to invalidate the death cross, which seems to be a pipe dream unless there is some rapid recovery with the global outlook.
Why come down !
Should i buy it now ?
yes but hold it till it reaches 300 to get the most out of it
Near a 5y low... what's happening??
Kiev factory close.
one of biggest market for adidas is Russia
Russia represents less than 3% of total Adidas Net Sales