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TKAT, SOS, ZKIN, FTFT, Crypto companies will get huge gain soon.. Bitcoin start shining again.. Be ready to reach February picks.. Buy and hold forever..
Under 170.00
post your reasons.
what just happened?! this popped 10% today
Guys what is wrong with this stock?
Good time to collect
ok so whats happening again
Good time to collect
I think so ..it's undervalued
DO YOU think ti will rise to 250 usd ? soon or very late ?
No will drop to $155
a report suggested that impella product from abmd is no good.
anyone knows why the drastic drop?
curious either on why?
a report suggested that impella product from abmd is no good.
Shortcovering will start at 220 area. I mean heavy shortcovering.
Will try 250 first then march for 275 area,
Any thoughts on this one? Could be good upside
What a movement today! fell 19% and recovered fully. Both shorts and longs might have got trapped. But why did it fall. the results are good. from here upmove only
what was it?
what the... what happened here??
Wait, Abimed will surge soon!!!!
chart is not moving!
Products and demand are there for Abiomed. Bought at 315 yesterday sold 333 today. Huge profit! Abiomed is a solid company so 10-31's financial report may prove you wrong?
this sudden drop was very suspicious!! . This stock is broken now
Another Great buying time. This stock will quit the yoyo soon and stay 475+. Once it breaks 500 then there's no turning back. Solid company - solid products.
People this is a very profitable company with a great line of products. Stock is ready to ride up again. $500 + coming! Stayng Very Bullish.
Smart play: Rode it up to new high & sold. After huge fall I rode it back up. Now will do it again! Huge profits! Finally figured it out.
This is a great company and products. This stock should go $500 plus soon.
The stock was moving back to firmer highs! Why the selloff?
What happened? Why such a drop?
Short term nervous people but the report was outstanding. .78 or share vs .82 projected. I bought more today!