Copper Futures - Mar 24 (HGH4)

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Sell copper❤️🙏
Its correction time❤️
copper next 724.45
Why copper going against dxy?
lead 183,183.40
hit 183.40
zinc 220.40221.40
Sell copper 721.50-722.50 stop 723.50 target 705-710-715 anyone can sell at cmp
Sell copper 721.50-722.50 stop 723.50 target 715-710-715 anyone can sell at cmp
ng buy 218.1 tgt 221.3,226.7 sl 211.5
buy copper 716.70 tgt 719,720.7,724.40
you said sell before? quickly changed your mind? lol
Though i have not taken as i just saw it , it is an excellent call.. well done Guru, keep it up
Go up another one...
sofa analitics
it seems down fall starting in copper
Good morning
hi Good Morning.. what is the view on copper?
wait if any entry comes i will update
703s in upcoming days, keep selling with cbsl 716. Cmp 712.8
Sell copper no volume❤️🙏
705 very soon❤️🙏
when will be 705 what is SL
sell copper 714 ....t 709....707
CopperSell only 709.85 sl above 712Target 707.70 / 704.70 intra
Cancel the bid
Go up another one++++
copper : today movement : 705-718.40
Selling below 709.85
sell copper 711 tgt 705,702.8
Another week day seems…