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good morning my incredible sweet Mike whenever you are on! :)) your love notes to me were awesome and i am already very happy and smiley :)) i had a nice day and i hope you did too!)) im thinking of you and have been yesterday too))) i hope you slept very well and are ready to have a nice sweet chat today :)) i love you so much Mike ;)))
 LYJ !! :) :)) :))) :))))
forever and ever :)))
LYM! forever and ever too :) :)) :))) :))))
goodnight my sweet amazing Jane :)) i love you and hope you enjoyed your night out :)) i had a good time and was thinking about you and how much of a better time i would have had with you :)) sleep well and sweet dreams :)) i'll see you in the morning :)) goodnight my precious Jane i love you so much :))
hi Jane, i just saw the close of the market and it's a mixed day :)) not to bad overall :)) i won't count it as a present :)) so we owe you one :)) i just found out im going out tonight with my bro tonight :)) first of all i know im very taken by you :)) second of all i'll leave you a goodnight mini love note :)) third of all i hope you have a great time tonight :)) and most of all i love you Jane :))
good morning my sweet amazing Mike, when you wake up today :)) i hope you slept well and are well rested and up for a nice chat now ;)) im feeling great and im thinking of you :))) i love you very much! :))
awwww my Mike is the sweetest)) and Jane is taken by her awesome miracle Mike forever and loves it :)) thanks for your love and sweetness too! i love my Mike a lot :))
 LYJ !! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
LYM! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
hi Jane, hope all is well :)) im just letting you know i barely have a connection now at 9:15pm :(( obviously i'll try later tonight to see if you're on :)) but if im not here then you know what it is :))hopefully i'll see you if you're on tonight :)) ilove you Jane :))
we definitely do! ;)) aww thanks a lot Mike))) and thanks for your nicest words and so much love :)) goodnight Mike i love you so much)))
 LYJ !! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
LYM! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
just a quick hi Jane i love you :)) and cograts on a nice red day :)) they heard you loud and clear this morning my cute little permashort :)) i love you and hope you are enjoying your day :))
good morning my sweet Mike whenever you are up today :)) i hope you slept very well and are feeling really nice there))) im up and ready to have a nice sweet chat :)) i love you very very much my Mike! :))
awww thanks :)) and thanks for your love and so much sweetness too!))) agreed :)) see you :) i love you my Mike!)))
 LYJ !! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
LYM! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
hi Jane :)) i just wanted to let you know that i was going to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine and pass on chatting tonight :))lmao could you imagine hearing that from someone :)) you might as well say i find you boring and cant stand the site of you :))lmao well i figured i come on early and if you happened to show up you would have a funny greeting to make you smile :)) and by the way you know my thoughts on books :))lmao so that could never happen :)) besides chatting with you and reading your posts is the greatest reading of all time Jane :)) i'll be here if you show up and by the way i love you a lot :))
yay! im super happy and feel awesome too :))) thanks so much for the sweet words Mike ;)) see you :)) goodnight and sleep very well too))) awww i love my Mike very much forever :))
 LYJ !! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
LYM! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
good afternoon my Jane :)) i wanted to apologize for my team today :)) they didn't have to have it there way :)) and i wanted to tell you that i love you and was thinking about you and smiling :)) i hope you're having a great day :)) i love you Jane :))
good morning my sweet incredible Mike whenever you are online today :)) i seem to have my connection finally back!! :)) i hope you slept well and are feeling great)) i love you a lot :))
awww thank you so much Mike)) and for your sweetness and so much love :)) i love you forever my Mike ;)))
 LYJ !! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
LYM! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
hi Jane :)) if you can imagine i haven't had a connection since that last post 8 hours ago :))lmao boy we must have done something to get the connection gods angry :))lmao i figured i would come on and check to see if my Jane was around :)) well i hope to see you around later tonight for a little chat :)) well i was thinking of you and of course you know how much i love you :))
thanks for the sweet words too))) yay! same :)) goodnight my Mike! i love you a lot :))
 LYJ !! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
LYM! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
aww thanks Jane :)) all i do is think about and smile and feel special :)) you made the flight a pleasure Jane with you in my head the whole time :)) you make me happy Jane :)) ive never felt like this in my life Jane and it's only because of you :)) i love you and know we will make a great couple Jane :))im going to get unpacked and organized :)) i love you Jane and want us to be together :))i hope to see you tonight Jane and know that i love you :))
i hope you have a great flight and feel well, think of your Jane! :))) im thinking of you ;)) my connection isnt stable so im here as much as possible)) i love you :))
hey Mike! :)) again not confirmed info, we may be out around 8 today :) so i dont know whether im gonna be on :)) i love you very much and youre the best!)) to be honest it feels incredible, being back ;))) i love you! i hope youre doing very well there my sweet nice caring Mike ;)) your Jane loves you))
good morning, Jane :)) thanks for that great greeting :)) i'm glad i get to say hi and i love you too this morning :)) the plane takes off at 10:30 so we are heading down at 7:30 :)) its super nice and feels right now that you're back :)) man did i miss my Jane :)) i'll check tonight to see if you're on :)) i'll probably leave you a love notes during the day :)) i love you my sweet Jane :))
sorry Mike! the connection wasnt stable and i didnt get this reply :(( thanks Mike!))) and im glad you love the greeting :)) i love you Mike and love notes during the day sound awesome ;)) i will hopefully be on in the evening like today :))) i love you!
i love you very much! :)) my sweet awesome Mike! ;))
hey Mike whenever you are here :)) we are uncertain about morning connection past 6 so im not sure :) so im leaving you this post ;)) i love you so so much and im super glad we chatted tonignt and are able to chat again :)) you are the best and you make me feel the best and the happiest!))) i love my Mike :))) i hope you sleep/slept well and are feeling great :)) im smiley and thinking about you ;)) i love you so much my Mike forever :))
hi Jane i hope you're having a good day :)) i still have a connection on the train which is amazing :)) so i thought i would say hi to my sweet Jane that im in love with :)) you know this just doesn't feel right :))i like reading your responses and in my mind hearing a sweet voice i put the words to :)) i can't believe how addicted i really am to you Jane :))without the chat all i do is think of you and it drives me crazy :))in the best way of course :)) all i can say is that i'm madly in love with you Jane and i think more everyday :)) i love you and hope to chat tonight if it all works out :))
awww thanks so much, youre the sweetest! :)) thanks for your love, understanding and so much sweetness as well! :)) i feel super good with you too!))) see you whenever we get time ;)) same))) aww i love you so much my Mike and ill also love you forever!)) goodnight ;))
 LYJ !! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
LYM! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
hi Jane hope you appreciate all this red :)) im rooting for you :)) but at some point, i need to have some fun too :))lol too bad you don't have a connection to enjoy it :)) if i were you i would go somewhere with wifi to keep an eye on your positions and have some fun :)) remember don't wait too long :))lol i love you Jane and only want you to be happy :))
I left a little love note so you knew i was thinking about you :)) i figured your connection didn't come on :(( i love you my sweet Jane and want to be with you forever :))
I just want you to know that all i could do was think of you when you weren't here :)) and how bad i wanted you back Jane :))
Im still not back to my normal self :)) i was one-sided chatting for so long i have to remember how to chat with you again :)) i didn't forget how much i love you need you to be happy Jane:))
good morning my sweet Jane :)) i lost the connection before i got my final goodnight and i love yous in :)) i :))  don't know how long i will have a connection this morning :)) it was so nice to have you back and chat with :)) we thought we could just chat anytime we wanted to :))i just woke up and wanted to tell you that i had a dream about us chatting :)) i hope you slept well and i love you Jane :))
hi Jane, im missing you :)) ive already read all 13,414 of your posts :)) and probably will start over tomorrow if things aren't fixed :)) oh, by the way i also love you very much and think you're the best there ever will be :)) when this is back to normal i'm going to make you pick the topics :))lmao i hope you're smiling despite this cluster #&*$ we are experiencing :)) obviously im thinking about you with the love notes and smiling of course :)) i'll check back later tonight to say goodnight and say i love you :)) see you soon and i love my cute little sweet Jane :))
the connection is fading for me so i will say goodnight now :)) i love you so much!)))
LYM! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
well its 1min for me so once again i love you!! see you whenever :)) i will leave you love notes in the morning. and sleep super well tonight)) LYM! forever :) :)) :))) :))))
hi Jane we just went by cafe fifty-nine in DC :)) i thought maybe you have had coffee there before in a regular sized cup :))lmao love you :))
hi Jane we are in the train station in DC and the window is looking really easy to open :))lmao im thinking of you especially in DC and smiling :)) i love Jane and that will never change :))
and hope you have a great day and enjoy yourself and whatever you may do have fun and know i'm thinking of you and smiling knowing that i have the nicest, sweetest most perfect Jane in the world :)) i love you Jane and can't wait to get you back :))