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Here we go.......
Feeling gilty
Imagine shorting the lows on this thing. Nothing but shame
Oh really that's kinda shame
Game over over.
Something is cooking here
Looks like pensions are under water again.
Losses in all periods of time 1D 1W 1M 1Y 5Y. why buy this?
die you base third.
open to sell.
cliff jumping
Please stop the advertisement type comment through this site. It degrades the quality of please.
It wouldn't surprise me after his comments Friday !
Is Uncle Sam giving them a boost?
Blinking heck!
If things can be fixed so easily then all the turmoil is on purpose. Central banksters are the NWO.
Govenor bailout Bailey!
Where can I find UK Gilt Futures 2YR and 5YR? Would truly appreciate your help.
not much info available
Centrak bankers scamming buying leveraged bond options while they still can before collapse
The GILT @90 could give a clear message of what lies ahead as confidence and reality cause jitters.
The comic duo put the UK on the radar of hedgies again. Expect more to come.
The gilt is on a cliff. Let's pray that it doesn't dive to 95 or lower when the next shoe drops.
this is a sure thing to go up
yeah naw
meme bond